Data Encryption at Bates College

Disk encryption is a technology used to protect your data by converting it into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered easily by unauthorized individuals. Disk encryption utilizes special disk encryption software to encrypt all the data that goes on your computers hard drive. Disk encryption prevents unauthorized access to data stored on your computer in the event of a loss or theft.

In addition to the software that is being utilized to keep your data secure, it is also important for individuals to practice good data security and computing safety practices to keep the college’s data safe and secure.

Going Mobile – Tips for Traveling with your Bates Computer. To protect yourself and the college’s data, the following are some recommended tips when traveling with your Bates Computer.

  • If your Bates computer isn’t necessary in your travels, don’t travel with it.
  • Backup your data before traveling or utilize your “Bates Work” folder for saving files.
  • Use strong passwords for the accounts/systems you access.
  • Logout of your computer when its not being utilized.
  • Power off your computer instead of putting it to sleep mode when its not being used.
  • Disable file and print sharing.
  • Disable your wireless Internet connection when not in use.
  • Use your Bates computer when ever possible over the use of a public, hotel, or kiosk computer.
  • Carry your computer as inconspicuously as possible; keeping it out of sight from others when possible.
  • Know where your computer is at all times and never let it leave your sight.
  • Lock up your computer when ever possible. When staying at a hotel, utilize a hotel room safe if available.
  • When storing your computer in a vehicle, keep your computer out of site and lock it in the trunk.
  • Limit the use of public wireless access and be mindful of what you are accessing/browsing. Use a secure wireless connection when ever possible.
  • Look for the “s” in HTTPS when browsing the web.
  • Use a VPN when accessing sensitive, confidential, or private information.
  • Don’t check email or other web sites that require a username and password on a public computer.
  • Watch out for shoulder surfers. These are individuals who who might sit unnecessarily close to you in the hopes of spying on your personal information.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and consistently reevaluate.

In the event of a computer loss or theft, contact the local authorities and contact Bates College Security and Campus Safety at (207) 786-6254.

In the event of a data security breach or compromise, contact Help Desk Services immediately at (207) 786-8222. As soon as you realize that something may have occurred and the faster it is reported, you may substantially reduce the impact that a data security breach may have on you and to Bates College.

If you are experiencing problems with the data encryption software installed on your computer, need assistance with changing your password, or may have compromised your password, please contact Help Desk Services.