Learning Management System: (LMS)

Faculty members also may use a Web-based learning management system (the college currently uses Lyceum). Bates College considers its learning management system an extension of the classroom, and provides secure access to the system only to students currently enrolled in the course. These websites are available only while the course is being taught, and are deactivated at the end of each semester. The following guidelines apply only to a learning management system designed to limit access in this way. Faculty members should use extreme caution in developing course-related websites for which access is unrestricted.

  • In preparing materials for the LMS, faculty and staff members should include Web links for resources that are freely available on the Web or are licensed for Web use by Bates, rather than making copies available within the LMS
  • Sound recordings should be provided using a streaming service developed or licensed by Bates rather than by means of a copy of the file.
  • Materials for which the instructor owns the copyright may be used by the instructor. By putting the material into a course website, the instructor shall be deemed to have consented to its use.
  • Materials in the public domain may be freely used.
  • All materials included in the LMS must include a citation to the original source and a copyright notice.
  • Course packs available in the College Store should not be placed in the LMS.
  • Copies of published worksheets or other materials intended as “consumables” by students (e.g. workbooks), or any copyrighted book or video in its entirety, should not be included in the LMS without very careful consideration of fair use factors and/or obtaining permission.
  • Instructors who use materials in a course for more than one semester (consecutively or separated by intervening semesters) should seek permission from copyright holders for use of the materials. Permission must be granted for each subsequent semester’s use unless otherwise indicated by the copyright holder.

Regarding the extent of copyrighted material to be made available, the college adheres to guidelines similar to those described for library reserves for a single semester’s use in a learning management system.  At a minimum, faculty members may use the following for a single semester without seeking permission:

  • one chapter from a book
  • one article or short work from an anthology
  • a chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper
  • not more than three articles from one issue of a periodical

Course materials substantially in excess of these minimum guidelines should be carefully considered in terms of fair use, and when fair use is not indicated, should be used in the course management system only if permission is obtained from the copyright holder.