Policy for Equipment Return by Employees Who are Leaving the College

Once an individual is no longer employed by Bates, as defined by the date provided by Human Resources, they are not permitted to continue to use any computer equipment or peripherals that they were assigned by their employment. This policy details the responsibility of the employee and departmental supervisor to ensure that the equipment is returned.

Human Resources notifies ILS of the final date of employment for employees. ILS will send to the employee and their supervisor a list of all equipment assigned to the employee to ensure that all of that equipment is left on the desk of the employee on their last day. Supervisors are responsible for collecting all assigned equipment and should notify ILS (via an email to helpdesk@bates.edu) if any equipment is missing. The first business day after the employee leaves, ILS will collect all equipment from the employee’s desk/work space, including computers, monitors, docking stations, tablets, keyboard, mouse, etc.

Peripherals such as monitors and docking stations should not be taken from the desk and re-distributed to other offices. If peripherals are missing, the department will be charged for their replacement.

If you have a remote employee, part of their assignment on their last day is to ship the laptop back to the address listed below and email helpdesk@bates.edu to let ILS know they have done so. ILS will remotely wipe the laptop after the final day of employment. Remote employees are not permitted to hold onto the laptop and peripherals until they return to campus at a future date. If an employee has work that continues past their last day of employment, the supervisor must work with Human Resources to extend their date of employment.

Ship equipment to:

Bates College

110 Russell Street

Lewiston, ME 04240

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Policy for Equipment Return by Employees Who are Leaving the College, Effective 4/27/2023, Version 1.0.