Student Organizations

Computer Support Policy:
Bates College Student Organizations

Information and Library Services provides support for all students’ computing needs by providing network support throughout the campus, IT Service Desk, recommended computer packages for purchase, and access to sales and service functions at 110 Russell St. and on the Web. ILS also maintains computer labs throughout the campus, providing all students with College-licensed software for most applications, and instructional services and resources to help students learn to use computing technology.

ILS does not purchase or provide ongoing support for computers for the offices and activities of student organizations. Organizations with particular needs that are not met by the general availability of computers, networks and training on the campus should seek funding through the Resident Assembly or other sources for computer purchases and support.

ILS services to student organizations is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Selection and purchase

  • ILS will help student organizations select computers and peripherals.
  • ILS will act as purchasing agent, providing academic discounts whenever available. Payment for computers, peripherals and specialized software is the responsibility of the student organization.
  • Equipment purchased for student organizations with funds provided by any entity of Bates College is College property.
  • Equipment purchased for student organizations is not included in the ILS computer replacement cycle.
  • If functional used computer equipment is available and not designated for use by any academic or administrative office, ILS may donate it to the student organization, as an alternative to donation to external organizations, recycling or disposal. If College-wide licenses allow, this used equipment will be provided with operating systems and application software.
  • Used equipment made available to student organizations is not included in the replacement cycle.

Set up and Support

  • ILS will help with initial set-up of equipment by providing network access and installing standard software allowed by campus licensing agreements.
  • After set-up is complete, the student organization is responsible for providing ongoing support for the hardware and software.


Like all Bates College computer equipment, student organizations must dispose of equipment according to the College computer disposal policy.

Revised—April 9, 2004