Video Recording Policy

ILS provides two free video recording options to the Bates Community.  Class capture, which is available in a limited number of schedulable classrooms, provides archival quality recordings that are published to the web.  ILS also supports a self-service option for requests to record events in spaces without class capture. The Digital Media Exchange (DMX) maintains an inventory of camera kits that event organizers can borrow to record the event themselves; instruction in how to use the equipment and to publish the recording to the web is available from DMX staff.  If the class capture or self-service option does not provide the level of quality required, the Events Office will arrange for an outside partner in consultation with BCM to provide videography and post-production services. The requestor is billed the cost of recording and editing the video.

Requests for videotaping are made through the campus event management system (  When the Events Office receives requests, they will send them to the appropriate person in ILS or BCM:

  • Class capture requests are sent to Ben Lizzotte, Classroom Technology
  • Self-service requests are sent to Colin Kelley, Digital Media Exchange
  • All other requests for videotaping events, if they meet the criteria set by BCM, will be handled by Events in coordination with BCM