50 Class Secretary: Lois Keniston Penney, 75 Hickory Hill Rd., Kensington, CT 06037-1209

Class President
: George M. Gamble, One Wyeth Rd., Hanover, NH 03755-2301

Next Reunion in 2000. Thanks to Sylvia Stuber Heap, we have news of Pat Rowe, who taught dance at Bates in the late 1940s and has now retired. “We performed with an orchestra as part of the Spring Pops Concert,” writes Sylvia. “Pat Rowe, not much older than we were, had enormous potential…and received worldwide recognition in New York City on May 9 for her talent in teaching.” At her retirement party, NYU held a Symposium and Dialogue on Dance with special studio performance by her former students and faculty. Her citation read: “From her first class at Bates College in 1947 to her first published article in 1951 on the importance of dance in higher education, Pat Rowe’s unique and determined vision for dance has influenced students, colleagues, and admirers of her work worldwide. As chair of the Department of Dance and Dance Education at New York University’s School of Education for over 34 years, she created one of the world’s most comprehensive, influential, and emulated departments of dance and dance education.”
51 Class Secretary: Dorothy Webb Quimby, PO Box 417, Unity, ME 04988-0417

Co-Class Presidents
: Wilfred and Melissa Meigs Barbeau, 1 Grove St., Barrington, RI 02806-1921

Next Reunion in 2001.
52 Class Secretary: Florence Dixon Prince, PO Box 594, Monument Beach, MA 02553-0594

Class President
: John F. Myers, 37 Eagle Wing Ln., Brewster, MA 02631

Next Reunion in 2002.
53 Class Secretary: Ronald Clayton, 65 Willow Grove, Brunswick, ME 04011-9795

Class President
: Alice Huntington Vannerson, 93 Pokonoket Ave., Sudbury, MA 01776-2320

Next Reunion in 2003.
54 Class Secretary: Jonas Klein, N Bay Rd., PO Box 418, Georgetown, ME 04548-0418

Class President
: Neil A. Toner, 1070 Sumner Ave., Springfield, MA 01118-2150

Next Reunion in 2000.
55 Class Secretary: Joan Davidson Christenson, 148 Parker St, Newton Centre, MA 02159-2553

Class President
: Edward K. Ward, Briar Ledge, PO Box 39, Bailey Island, ME 04003

Next Reunion in 2000.
56 Class Secretary: Thelma L. Pierce, 19 H Wiggins Farm Dr., Simsbury, CT 06070-2471

Class President
: Jack K. Merrill, 63 Prospect St., West Newton, MA 02165-2338

Next Reunion in 2000. Barbara Atkinson Russell enjoys every minute of her retirement. She spends free time as a volunteer toy buyer at a local not-for-profit specialty shop whose proceeds benefit women and children in local charities in Tucson…. Along with volunteer activities and family duties, David and Louise Baker Malcolm enjoy winter sports. She is working on plans for the new New Hampshire Bates Club…. In her “after-retirement life,” Sybil Benton Williamson is a volunteer at a local art gallery and several museums, mainly as a docent at Dartmouth’s Hood Museum of Art, a challenging and educational experience…. Six months as interim director of the local Red Cross chapter, in addition to her regular job in emergency services, Alice Brooke Gollnick looked forward to retirement, “especially after a fatiguing assignment in our Malone (N.Y.) ice storm.”… Dick Bryant says, “Lucky I can still hand-print as no way to keyboard since our earthquake three years ago. Finally I am back in our condo with my consummate caregiver wife after the latest hospital stay.” During those housebound months, he watched lots of live winter Olympics, and caught up on mail with friends around the world…. Brenda Buttrick Snyder writes, “In the past 13 months we have retired, sold two houses, moved once, bought land, designed and began our retirement house, moved aging aunt and ailing sister to senior housing, and cleaned out and prepared to sell their house.” Whew!… David Campbell still teaches at Elgin Community College. He visits a relative in Portland each summer…. John and Jill Farr Davis love their abode on Lake Minnetonka. John retired from Horton Industries on a Friday and went to work the next Monday for Prudential Financial Services. Jill still works full time…. Bob Drayton and family, including wife Marta, stepson Miek, three dogs, an English mastiff and two Akitas, are doing well in Tennessee. Ditto for his children and grandchildren in California, Florida, and Massachusetts. He regained his German citizenship and now has both U.S. and European passports…. Gini Fedor Poole is still writing on her 14-year-old computer, turning out children’s stories that she hopes will one day be published for money…. Dinny Felt Swett still is a volunteer in “especially meaningful areas.” She and John have joined the “electronic age” and enjoy the new challenge with time also for exercise, travel, friends, and family….Arnold andJean Penney Fickett are mostly retired, but do some consulting and computer work, and look forward to a Mediterranean cruise in September…. Still enjoying retirement on Cape Cod, Bob Gillette say he keeps very busy “doing a great deal of not terribly important stuff. Jackie joins the list of retired this summer, which will be fun to share the excitement of doing a great deal of not terribly important stuff.”… Walker and Nancy Glennon Baumgardner have been retired for a year and enjoy their time together. They are both involved in family research and have met many interesting people as they put their family tree together…. Rick Hilliard says, “I continue to enjoy my second career as a college professor, and look forward to another 20 years of hard work.”… Last November,Fred Huber concluded the sale of Melamine Chemicals to Borden Chemicals Inc., and will remain as a Borden executive vice president for two years. Last January, he and Edna bought a restaurant at Moosehead Lake where they had a home for 25 years. Daughter Kim and family will run the place. Any visitors to the area should look up Kelly’s Landing. “Probably will wash a few dishes at Kelly’s this summer. Y’all come by!”… After 20 years in Florida, Ron and Nancy Johnson Wiegel are now in northern Minnesota. He has a job with the Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory, affiliated with the Univ. of Minnesota… Peter Kadetsky still operates Kadetsky Broadcast Sales, representing play-by-play sports features and a number of Radio Disney affiliates…. Evelyn “Dee” Kilgore True enjoys family genealogy work and has located several lines of family back to 1300s. The Kilgores go back to 1400s with Sir Thomas Kilgore, chaplain to Mary, Queen of Scots, at the Falkland Palace…. Now driving between Rhode Island, South Carolina, and New York, Loe Anne Kimball Pino hopes they sell the Golf Learning Center in New York this year. They are trying to simplify life, and find Little Compton, R.I., and Summerville, S.C., 20 miles from Charleston also “wonderful.”… From Vermont, Janet Leonard Stranahan says, “Four years retired, and life in general is very comfortable with a little hiking, day trips, gardening.”… Since she left the bonds of major textbook publishing, Jane Libby has been a free-lancer. As an archeological editor, she has been able to travel. For 10 winters she has been in southern New Mexico, helping excavate two rockshelters and a wonderful open site on top of a mesa. In her spare time she wrote and edited reports, including a massive report on a significant cave (Pendejo), which has evidence of the earliest human occupation in North America. She was also in southern China seeking evidence of the first domestication of rice. A “regular” textbook editor, she does programs that teach children the skills to think out problems…. Still engaged in the general practice of law,Robert Lucas saw son David join the firm. Jennifer ’96 has filled in as his secretary-assistant and continues as a temp fill-in. “Reggie (Abbiati ’59) continues to sing and teach voice…. Highlights for this past year for Bud and Alison Mann Etherton included a three-week trip last summer to the Pacific Northwest and a great 40th wedding anniversary surprise party planned by their son and girlfriend…. Ricki Marmer (Ruth Fishman) is a tech at a local hospital and “will continue to do so until they carry me out!” She has three daughters…. “As part of my self-appointed job of being the ‘cultural scout’ for ’56 newsletters,” Kay McLin recommends “The End of Loyalty” by Henry Louis Gates Jr., in the March 9, 1998, New Yorker.… Jack Merrill reports that Lauren has been admitted to Bates Class of 2002. He and Diane are thrilled! Elizabeth’00 is a psych major, while Lauren plans to major in history. Jack probably will retire from teaching in a year and is now looking into some part-time college work because he loves the classroom so much…. Still in New Hampshire, Russ andNancy Mills Mallett travel and play golf…. Alan ’53 and Gail Molander Goddard sold their West Simsbury, Conn., home of 30 years, lived in a condo for a year, and now have a new home at Marston Mills on Cape Cod. They took an Elderhostel bike trip in France last summer, planned on another in England, and skied in Snowmass, Colo., last winter…. Tom and Margi Connell Moore are “easing into retirement.” He retired in 1996. Margi still enjoys selling real estate. They spent February in their Savannah, Ga., townhouse, took other short trips, and visited kids and grandkids…. Betty-Ann Bam Morse enjoys her life on a floating home on Lake Union in the center of Seattle with kayaks, boats, ships, birds, raccoons, and other assorted forms of life and changing weather. Slowly she is giving up computer and technology consulting in special ed for Federal Way School District…. ArcadusMert Pearson still is the registrar at Paul Smith’s College, which starts four-year programs in the fall…. Thelma Pierce officially retired from Aetna on May 1. She planned a wildlife safari to Kenya and Tanzania in July. Along with volunteer work with a local scholarship group and the local Bates Club, she looks forward to joining the Bates Alumni Council this fall…. Elise Reichert Stiles went to Singapore to get acquainted with new grandson Ryan Li. Phil still has fun being provost at North Carolina State, and Elise is beginning to clear a profit selling her pottery…. Don Robertson has become involved with the Massachusetts chapter of Bread for the World, handling the database and newsletters. He still volunteers at the nursing home where his mother lived….Ken and Mary Lee Rogers Barnard are in good health and enjoying the Southwest. All of the family in Maine survived the Great Ice Storm…. Life is busy in Vermont’s North Country, says Marcia Rosenfeld Baker. “Our school faculty is thoroughly sick of the 10-year evaluation, looking forward to getting back to normal.” Last April she returned to Germany to set up a student exchange with a Tech High School in Erfurt. Each year they host teachers from Erfurt in October and send their delegation in April…. Franklin Smith has season passes to Bridger Bowl, Mont. (10 miles up the road from Bozeman). On March 11 he ran into the Bates alpine team and chatted with them…. Mary and Pete Stevens enjoy weekends in the high White Mountains (Cannon Mountain) at their home in Mittersill Village. Slowly “backing away” from the property and casualty insurance business, Pete will continue in an Internet business he started last year and also plans to spend a few hours weekly with a new company in a marketing venture. The Stevenses also plan to continue scaling 48 4,000-footers in the White Mountains. “We’ve done 40, but the ones remaining are some of the toughest. We look forward to completing the project and becoming full-fledged members of the AMC 4,000-Footers Club.”.. Ruth Stockinger Miller is doing well and hoped to learn to use a prothesis last spring after losing a leg due to radiation treatment for cancer…. Wally Taft writes from Otisfield: “Yes, we did survive the Ice Storm of ’98. What an experience! We were without power for 10 days, phone on and off. For two days you couldn’t go anywhere and all the breaking trees and limbs sounded like gun shots. Everything was covered with an inch of ice. Fortunately we have a generator and were able to keep warm, and had lights and could keep up with the outside world with TV and radio. We will be cleaning up debris for months.” Wally continues to assist the elderly with their taxes and Henri(Swain ’57) is busy with her sewing and planning her bed and breakfast, finishing off the lower part of the house for a B&B suite. “We are deep in construction.”… Just prior to his retirement as the Bates planned giving officer, Gene Taylorwrote, “I work in a good place, dealing with great people. (Philanthropists are usually very pleasant.) But counting summer jobs I have never been out of work since age 16. As I left one job, the next was always arranged. There has always been a place to go in the morning. After June 30, when I retire, I’ll probably still wake up at 5:15 a.m. [for the Casco Bay Ferry] ‹ and will try to adapt to enjoying life.”… Ed and Joy Teachout Nicholls are actively involved as grandparents. Ed talks about retiring and they sold his medical building, but there aren’t any signs of a slowdown in the work schedule…. Last October, Lucienne Thibault Maillet went on a two-week People-to-People Ambassador program to China. This spring she is on sabbatical, working on a book on operations management of libraries. In May, she and brother Lucien went to Turkey on an Elderhostel program…. In his third year of retirement, Russ Tiffany enjoys the freedom to be busy, with golf a couple of times a week, reading books he never got around to, and spending more “quality” time with kids and grandkids…. Paul Tranchemontagne, retired for two years, enjoys it immensely. They completed major items on their 1876 house in Biddeford including a new garage, and try to get in painting between the beach, golf, and tennis, continuing those sports next winter down South. “I haven’t been really running since my last marathon three years ago, and the bulge is starting to show,” he adds…. For the third winter, Dick ’54 and Janice Truesdail Liebe loved being in Tucson. “The hiking is great, plus good restaurants, music, and lectures at the Univ. of Arizona. Because of all the rain, the wildflowers on the desert in March were spectacular…. H. Kirk Watsonworks a full schedule and is readying a Bristol 51-foot for summer cruising. Tracy is caring for the horses. They are raising Aubrey (7), Beecher (5), Reid (4), and Hayes (3). All went to Japan for 10 days in May as guests of the Japanese Hand Society.
57 Class Secretary: Arlene Gardner Foulds, 115 Marshall St., Torrington, CT 06790-2509

Class President
: Paul D. Steinberg, 106 Peninsula Dr., Babylon, NY 11702-3336

Next Reunion in 2003. Congratulations to Dorothy Moses on her selection as Ohio’s Outstanding Gerontology Educator of the Year by the Ohio Network of Educational Consultants in the Field of Aging. Professor emerita at the Univ. of Akron, Dorothy taught there for 36 years. She said, “Early on, it was rather discouraging, because all we talked about was the physical decline in aging. Now we emphasize successful aging, through healthy lifestyle, which includes a good diet, exercise, and a positive outlook.” Initiator of the biology of aging courses in 1978, she still teaches fall-semester courses in anatomy and physiology. She participates in training sessions for teachers, lecturers, and is an adjunct professor at Ohio Univ. College of Medicine in Rootstown.
58 Class Secretary: Marilyn Miller Gildea, 8087 Presidio Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014-4026

Class President
: William D. MacKinnon Jr., 706 N. Reeve Rd., St. Helena, SC 29920

Next Reunion in 2003. Nancy Wickens and Al Taylor celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and their 20th year in Florida. “My blood has yet to thin enough to cope with Florida summers. I threaten to buy land in northern Maine to enjoy the cold and change of seasons. Nancy is staff educator at a local home health agency.” Al’s business is residential and commercial water and well treatment systems. Sons are married; no grandchildren. Eric Thies is a patent attorney at Merck Pharmaceuticals. He and Martha Bergh live in Scotch Plains, N.J. Sue and David Thies live in Mebane, N.C., where he is board certified and practices internal medicine and pediatrics.
59 Co-Class Secretaries: Clifford A. Baxter Jr., Apt. 310, 21400 Burbank Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367 7043, e-mail and; Margaret D. Montgomery, 400 Central Park W, New York, NY 10025-5838, e-mail

Co-Class Presidents
; Gerald M. Davis, 15 Hamlin Rd., Falmouth, ME 04105-2205; Henry J. Keigwin, 28 Narragansett Bay Ave., Warwick, RI 02889-6608

Next Reunion in 1999.