90 Co-Class Secretaries: Margaret R. Judge, 21 Lessard Ave., Biddeford, ME 04005-2907; Marjorie Patterson Cochran, 36 Green St., 2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, e-mail 

Class President
Karen LaConte Roberts, 1014 Humphrey Dr., Swampscott, MA 01907

Next Reunion in 2000. One of the lead singers and guitar players, Rachel Clayton is playing in a Boston band, Chapter in Verse. She says, “We have been very successful over the past three years. We have seen many Batesies at the shows. We are currently recording our first CD. In January we played a sold-out show at the Hard Rock Cafe and [were looking] to sell out the Paradise April 18.” She wants to let people know about the band. “If they come out, I’m sure they will see some old friends and have a good time.” Check out the Web site:…. Adrienne Shibles ’91, who coaches women’s basketball at Swarthmore College, had worked down the hall from Ted Dixon. “Ted is the cross country/track and field coach here at Swarthmore,” she wrote in the spring. “He has had tremendous success here, and was recently named the regional Coach of the Year. His women’s track and field teams won both the indoor and the outdoor Centennial Conference championships this year (for the first time ever!). Ted is resigning from coaching to spend more time with his family. He is an outstanding coach, and will be sorely missed.”
91 Class Secretary: Pamela Batchelder Johnson, 3305-213 Eastover Ridge Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211, e-mail

Class President
: A. Tracy Talbot Spencer, 1903 Kalorama Place NW, #21, Washington, DC 20009

Next Reunion in 2001. Last April, Rob and Pam Batchelder Johnson moved to Charlotte, N.C…. Peter Carey still teaches history to seventh graders and coaches JV lacrosse and soccer at Durham Academy. He lives in Chapel Hill, N.C., with girlfriend Lisa…. In the past year, still living in the Chicago area, Kathy Chaitin Pineo completed her Psy.D., became a mom, and purchased a townhouse with husband Bill ’89….Jon Child is threatening to fake an emergency and check into Dr. Ted Curcio‘s ER if he doesn’t hear from Ted…. New mom Julie Englund Farhm took the rest of the academic year off from her job as physics teacher at Keene (N.H.) High School…. Contemplating the purchase of their first home in New Jersey are Jim ’89 and Megan Falk Pickette…. Amy Kuemmerle Mazeran, Jacques, and young Maxime moved to Hertford, England…. This summer Erik and Patricia McCracken Osmon moved to Seattle…. Commuting from Fairfield, Conn., Karen Peterson works at NASDAQ in New York City…. In June, Steve Ryder began residency training in orthopedic surgery at the Univ. of Rochester…. John andCathy Pendergast Shay live in Fargo, N.D. with their twin sons born in January…. At the wedding of Greg Martinez andPam Wunderlich, attendees included Adrienne Shibles,Amy Schrag, Traci Higgins, and Goldie Dailey ’90…. Living in Mars Hill, Leslee Smith Mahon received her M.S. in counseling from UMaine in May. She directs plays and teaches English at Presque Isle High School. Husband Timothy is a supervisor for UPS…. Homeowners in Washington, D.C., Matt and Tracy Talbot Spencer have seen Elise Berkman, Laura FriedAbigail McLaughlin and Jim and Mary Kelly Brown in Georgetown.
92 Co-Class Secretaries: Claudia E. Goldstein, 504 W. 110th St., Apt. 8A, New York, NY 10025; Jesseca P. Timmons, 1710 S Madison St., Denver CO 80210

Class President
: Jennifer M. Otis, 3426 Dover Rd., Durham, NC 27707-4520

Next Reunion in 2002. Roland Davis is director of counseling and outreach at the Harvard School of Public Health, a new job he started in August…. After living two years in Washington, D.C., after graduation, Tim Walsh skipped off to Budapest in 1994. “I blindly landed a job as technical adviser in a World Court case involving Hungary and Slovakia,” he wrote recently ( For three years, he manned the production line in “The Case Concerning the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Project,” which he describes as “a bitter dispute over hydroelectric dams on the Danube and, as such, the first environmental case ever to appear before the World Court (Hungary, of course, being the ‘good guys’).” In 1996-1997, Walsh was doubly employed by UPROAR! ( in their Budapest offices, supervising production of “outlandish trivia for its arsenal of online games.” More recently, he’s gone free-lance. “I currently enjoy a far more relaxed lifestyle as a data management consultant and would-be poet (in Hungary, it is said, everyone is a poet unwittingly: the language makes it so). Much of my free time is spent writing sinister children’s tales in Hungarian, which I hope will be good enough to publish ‹ in Hungarian ‹ at some stage.”
93 Class Secretary: Jodi Sturgis Coppeta, 8 Willard Ave., 3rd floor, Medford, MA 02155

Class President
: Alexandra C. Messore, Apt. 1B, 2378 Euclid Heights Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Next Reunion in 1999. Local alumni parents and admitted students from Northern California, Minnesota, and Chicago were treated to concerts by Duncan Cumming ’93. Alumni and parents in Southern California and Hartford also enjoyed his concerts which featured music by Chopin, Brahms, Satie, Ravel and Professor of Music William Matthews.
94 Class Secretary: Mark G. Doctoroff, Chase Manhattan Bank, 150 Beach Rd., 33rd floor, Gateway West 189720, Singapore

Class President
: Sheela Agarwal Merrow, 378 Sunderland Rd., Apt. 5A, Worcester, MA 01604

Next Reunion in 1999. Since last February, Conor Fennessyhas been an advance representative for New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. After graduation, Conor worked for Peter Torkildsen (then a congressman from Massachusetts), on the senatorial campaign of William Weld, and for reelection campaigns for northern New Jersey Republicans.
95 Class Secretary: Marjorie Northrop Friedman, 334 Turnpike Rd., Norwich, VT 05055

Class President
: Rebecca J. Wolfe, 41 Dane St., Apt. 1, Somerville, MA 02143

Next Reunion in 1999. Christine Clorite St. Clair and husband Patrick are living in Laramie, Wyo., where they’re both attending the Univ. of Wyoming…. Kate Detwiler has been offered a five-year fellowship for the Ph.D. program in evolutionary primatology from New York Univ. The NYCEP program connects her with Columbia, CUMY, the World Conservation Society, and the Natural History Museum. She finished teaching as a naturalist in San Joaquin County, Calif., in May, then led 16 high school students on a wildlife ecology and community field course in Tanzania. “I am looking forward to speaking Swahili again and visiting with friends, ” she says…. Gene McCabe has been named assistant coach of football and men’s lacrosse at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va. He had been head men’s lacrosse and football coach at Oak Hill High School in Wales, Maine, for the past two years.
96 Class Secretary: Faham M. Rashid, 99 Brattle St., Lawrence 308, Cambridge, MA 02138

Class President
: Natasha G. Heath, PO Box 775827, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477-5827

Next Reunion in 2002. Tracy Brown is a research assistant at Pfizer doing microbiological fermentation research…. Jessica Christie writes: “After two years in Washington, D.C., the last year spent working for Secretary Cuomo at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, I am moving back to the Philadelphia area to attend Villanova University Law School.”… Jennifer Lucas has been filling in as secretary-assistant in the law practice of her dad, Robert’56…. Eben Miller, now a graduate student in American history at Brandeis, won the Maine Historical Society’s 1997 James Phinney Baxter Award for the best article published in their journal Maine History during the year. The article, entitled “Resistance in ‘Pioneer Territory’: The Maine NAACP and the Pursuit of Fair Housing Legislation,” was a revised chapter from his senior honors thesis, directed by Hilmar Jensen, assistant professor of history, on the African-American freedom struggle in Maine.
97 Class Secretary: Sharleen Joy Davis, 46 Hill Cir., Burlington, MA 01803

Class President
: Larry Ackerman, 23 Scudder St., 2d floor, Garfield, NJ 07026-2528

Next Reunion in 2002. Living in Salem, Mass., Deborah Bernat works in web design with McDougall Associates in Peabody. “The company is merging with Bozell, the fifth-largest ad agency in the world (milk moustache campaign.) It’s a very exciting time for everyone here,” she writes…. A volunteer in the Jesuit Volunteer Corp., Bea Canales is completing missionary work in Oregon at a battered women’s shelter as a children’s advocate. She plans to attend the Univ. of Austin for special education next year. “I am thinking of getting certified as a teacher of Braille. Ever since freshman Short Term when I was blind, I have wanted to continue learning Braille.” Until next year, she hopes to intern in various museums in Texas…. Becca Cheezum is a Peace Corps volunteer on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. She coordinates a program for teenagers who haven’t completed secondary school, and works on a program to increase HIV/AIDS awareness. “In my free time, I dance to West Indian music, attend cricket games, read, write, enjoy true Caribbean rum punch, and call my Bates friends (collect!) to reminisce,” she writes…. Living in the Mad River Valley of central Vermont, Patti Daniels enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking whenever she has free time. She loves her job at Project Harmony (“a sweet non-profit that does grassroots work in the former Soviet republics”). She spent December in Siberia and April in the Ukraine. Also while traveling in the United States, she is writing a grant for U.S. and N.I.S. education initiatives…. In New York City, Jay Ferrara works at a cancer hospital and lives in Danbury, Conn…. Last fall,Zach Feldman spent 75 days sea kayaking, mountaineering, and backpacking in Patagonia, Chile. He then went bird and seal watching in the Falklands and trained in Europe until March…. Jennifer Long lives in Darien, Conn…. Charles Noble has been working on a Bates rugby Web page and invites everyone to check it out. “It is a web page geared mostly toward alumni and keeping track of who is still playing. It also gives alumni a chance to get up-to-date news about the team.” Check out the site:…. In Connecticut, Corey Norton is the coordinator for Voices for Children, a non-profit, non-partisan child policy organization that works to educate and mobilize citizens around pressing children and family issues. Corey also is the statewide coordinator for a new youth initiative, Connecticut Youth TechCorps, and is liaison to national TechCorps. In this position he is responsible for policy research and legislative programs, resource and program development, network building, facilitating statewide events, and general program consultation…. Sarah Prizio-Skigen enjoyed an incredible three-month tour of Europe, then returned to Brooks (Maine) to hunt for a job…. Amanda Woodard spent last summer working as a nanny in Ireland at a camp for terminally ill children. Moving then to England, her accent served her well at a temp job at the Disney Store. Currently she is a receptionist for a company that makes freight train carriages. She lives with her fiance in York, England.
98 Class Secretary: Tyler Munoz, 1596 Skye Pkwy, West Linn, OR 97068

Class President
: Robert Curtis, 16 Birchwood Way, Laconia, NH 03246

Next Reunion in 2002.