Class of 1980

Class Secretary: Vincent B. Skinner Jr., PO Box 8724, Portland, ME 04104,

Class President: Christine Tegeler Beneman, 105 Spurwink Rd., Scarborough, ME 04074,

Next Reunion in 2005. Got news? Tap out a note to! In Pagosa Springs, Colo., Donna Anderson and her family love life near the Continental Divide, skiing, hiking, and camping with sons ages 7 and 4. She has a small private practice that includes young children, adolescents, families, couples, and older adults…. Sem Aykanian continues to practice real estate law and coach high school football. A daughter is in college and son (14), like dad, plays football… Matt Buchman’s first two fantasy novels, Cookbook from Hell and The Dalari Accord, are selling well. A third, Like a Candle, is with an agent while he is working on a fourth about his bike trip around the world…. Deb Burwell is owner of a consulting company in midcoast Maine…. Eric Carboneau has relocated to St. Petersburg, Fla., from the Univ. of Florida in Gainesville. Daughter Eleanor is in sixth grade at Canterbury, a wonderful school with fantastic teacher-student interaction. “I treasure every day of being her father.”… Jack Cleary and family are well…. Gail Cushman Rose sent thanks for the great Reunion. “I had so much fun at the Goose that I brought my husband and daughter back for a Goose Dog this past summer.”… Moving back after 10 years in Hawaii, Marn Davis is alive and well in southern Oregon. She works at a small gas supply company, practices a lot of yoga, and enjoys the beautiful woods…. From England, Timothy Dewey wrote that he gave up a 15-year marketing career and now is with a medium-sized drinks company, William Grant & Sons, as international marketing director. On the personal front, he, Jane, Jessica (7), and Pippa (3) enjoy life and gardening in rural England. Their village, The Manor of Thaxton, was granted to Gilbert, Earl of Clare, by William I in 1066! … In Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Rick DuVall is managing partner of the 22-lawyer firm of McCabe & Meek. He lives in Pleasant Valley with attorney wife Lisa Rubenstein and daughters (6) and (9). He, Jeff Downing ’81, and Brad Butler took a cycling tour of the eastern slope of the Cascades in Oregon in 1999 amd planned a rerun for 2001…. Richard Fieldhouse is on the Democratic staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee, working for Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan and other Democratic members. He works on a number of issues, including missile defense, arms control, and proliferation and chemical-biological defense issues. Ann (Kees) teaches sixth-grade math and science and eighth-grade science at the Edmund Burke School in Washington, D.C., with a lot of “hands-on” activity. With kids (12) and (14) and after-school activities, she logs on lots of frequent-driver miles…. Steve and Deb Gage Suzuki spent their 10th anniversary in Hawaii without kids!… Julie Groom-Thompson says they will be in Utah for the winter Olympics and adds that they have survived their third year “in this truly bizarre place.”… Chris Holmes left Polaroid and now works with Owl Engineering, a mechanical engineering design company and is having fun working on a wide range of products. The family finds their move from Salem to Harvard different but good. He is dad to Ryan (7) and Jacquelyn (9)…. This winter Mark Hurvitt became principal of the new Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School. He spent the year getting ready to merge three schools into one K-8 building with a 400-seat auditorium…. Anne Keenan Shields is back in Maine working at that “other” school, Bowdoin, as director of the Career Planning Center. She and Keenan (4) have had fun back in a real Maine winter, “drinking lots of cocoa and getting in plenty of skating and sledding.”… In Waterville, Cathy Kimball’s private practice is going well. She and a new associate have moved into a new office building adjoining Inland Hospital. Husband Alan Stevens works for CMP and Kelsie (10) is a lot of fun…. John Kistenmacher says work has been real busy and he has done a lot of skiing…. Still based in Rochester, N.Y., Eric Kline has been revamping the sales department at a small software company that serves government in the Northeast. In his spare time he has built a cherry rosewood and maple desk and, before that, a 9 1/2-foot tall armoire made from recycled shipping pallets, with pierced tin panels and finished with shellac made from dissolved 78 rpm records…. At the Univ. of Minnesota, Anna Schroder conducts research in hearing. Otherwise her world revolves around sons William (8), Andrew (7), and Peter (4), their activities, and her husband of 11 years, Michael Howitz. He is technical support supervisor for GN ReSound, a hearing-aid manufacurer…. Sarah Thorn O’Shea lives in Granby, Mass…. In 2001 Dave Trull was promoted to golf outing coordinator at Ferncroft Country Club and he is happy with the members, management, and being able to play more golf. Wife Joann still enjoys small town life and her job as a per-diem physical therapist. “Twins Ashley and Allyson and brother Jeff tower over us, do well in school, and Jeff now drives a golf ball past his dad.“… From Falls Church, Va., Liane Wilbur Paulson has lived for a decade with the “same house, same husband,” two daughters, and assorted animals. For the past nine years they also have cared for various foster children. Liane works part time in the local public school system and leads a fourth-grade Girl Scout troop.