Class of 1943

Class Secretary: Jean Lombard Dyer, RR 1, Box 191, Chebeague Island, ME 04017-9722

Co-Class Presidents: Gilbert and Marjorie Cahall Center, 24 Folsom St., Laconia, NH 03246-3005

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note to!Still enthusiastic Elderhostelers, Howie and Lucy Davis Baker enjoyed one in September 2000 at the College of William and Mary on the “World of James Monroe,” and went to another in Williamsburg on “Virginia in the Revolution.”… Norm and Priscilla Simpson Boyan have moved to a retirement community in Santa Barbara near their home of 28 years. “The turmoil of deciding what to put in each pile made moving just about the hardest job we ever had.” Priscilla swims daily, while Norm walks, hikes, and has joined an exercise group, Power Up, “led by our activities director, whom I am sure was a U.S. Marine.”… Bill Buker still plays tennis three times a week at Bates and attended many of the basketball games…. Martha “Bing” Burns Keefe likes to read and has been able to continue her volunteer work for VN at their hospice bookstore. She still remembers her river barge trip from New Orleans to Memphis…. The Weston Cates reminisced about last winter in Vermont. They did attend an Elderhostel focusing on music at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore last February. “We’ve been singing ever since.”… Gilbert and Marjorie Cahall Center reported seeing many Bates friends: Horace and Phyllis Hicks Woods at Ocean Park, the Bakers, who visited them in Laconia, and Helen Sweetser on the Cape…. Already thinking about Reunion 2003, Annabel Cofran Aldrich still is occupied with church, woman’s club, and volunteer work. “Stay well, everybody,” she urges…. The Gordon Corbetts are happily settled into their retirement home and he is involved in a nearby church. He has been revising a family history he published with a cousin in 1995; about 175 of the family are still living out of 4,700. “Doing research is fun. Producing a book is tedious hard work.”… Judy and Thomas Doe are having a wonderful life together. They have traveled to London and Paris and belong to many Chatham (Mass.) organizations. Grandson Alex Schindel from Vail, Colo., is a first-year student at Bates. “I hope his experience is as great as mine was.”… Ruth and Merle Eastman spent Christmas holidays with daughters and their families. Merle sent photos of the Bates Bobcats to Louie Scolnik ’45 who, in turn delivered them to Jay Burns, magazine editor. The result: a feature article in the summer-fall issue by former Bobcat, Bruce Park ’44…. The Roy Fairfields continue to summer in Maine and winter in Homestead, Fla. In June and July Roy and Marilynn visited former Ph.D. students in Spoleto, Italy, and Saas-Fee and Zurich in Switzerland. He continues to write poetry for little journals and books. Prometheus was to publish one on “Creativity” last July…. George Menger-Hammond writes: “Since my wife, Eve, retired and we moved to Oregon we are behaving more like a traditional retired couple.” Traveling for pleasure and less for business, they visited Turkey, took Greek islands and Caribbean cruises, and attended an Elderhostel in Arizona on Hopi and Navajo people. George and Eve are adjunct faculty at Portland State Univ. and involved in science education in Oregon schools. George helps local third graders who are having trouble with reading and is somewhat involved in a local theater group, appearing on stage once…. Hoping to move from their home of 22 years in Ipswich to a retirement community in Peabody by late fall, Gina and Webster Jackson say “the downsizing required to clear out and move three generations of stuff was at times overwhelming. The kids have responded well to taking most of the accumulation.”… Edmund King writes that his wife, Barbara, is in a Plymouth (Mass.) nursing home following a stroke in 1999. On the brighter side, they have six children, 16 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren, all of whom are caring, loving, and affectionate…. The Casco Bay Island Transit District board of directors provided pleasant surprises for class secretary Jean Lombard Dyer, Bud ’41, Ginny Stockman Fisher ’44, and Colby grad Ruth Mistark when they received certificates of appreciation for their efforts and support plus a wall plaque for the conference room. Jean continues her involvement with the Bay Estuary Project, the Casco Bay Island Development Assn., as well as being organist, recording secretary, and lay leader in her church…. The class is sorry to learn from Doris Lyman Krohmer of the deaths of daughter Karin and son-in-law Tim. Husband Jack is back at work as a physicist for the new Cancer Treatment Center. Doris, who volunteers at church twice a weekend, says she is lucky to feel great…. Reid and Charlotte MacKelvie Crockett visited many family members out west last year and hoped to be back on North Haven Island for the summer. “We have the usual problems of the ‘golden years,’ but are still pretty agile and look forward to Reunion 2003…. Helen Mansfield Eason recommends the trip they took in the summer of 2000 to Medora, N.D., in the Badlands, the home of Theodore Roosevelt National Park…. Concerned about the failing health of the urban forest in the Lynchburg area and in Virginia generally, John Marsh is promoting/educating/agitating for proper tree practices. A number of friends get out regularly to do work on city trees that the city cannot do, which brings them into contact with citizenry to pass on practical wisdom. Over the past four years they have made a positive mark that other communities are following. John and Bonnie (Laird ’44) refer to the way their lives have been enriched by their Muslim friends. John was intensely involved in the Arab world, as a 1947 graduate student and with several postings since then – Cyprus and Sri Lanka, homeland of their adopted son, now a CPO in the U.S. Navy in Hawaii…. Following Easter 2001 brunch with Pril and Norm Boyan, Lois Oliver Brown and her husband were on their way to an Elderhostel at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles….Virginia Parsons Leighton has “slowed down a little” from health problems but delights in her 14 grandchildren. Three daughters and 10 grandkids live nearby in York…. Norman Powell, husband of the late Ruth Horsman Powell, has enjoyed reading each Wednesday afternoon to children at Kids Patch in Carmel and he went on a train trip from Hermon to Searsport as a fundraiser for the reading program. He substituted at Bangor High School and at the Acadia Hospital School…. Sib and David Sawyer enjoy South Texas living. They have joined the e-mail crowd, thanks to their two kids. In the summer of ’01 they hoped to get back to their old Montana fishing grounds…. Ruth (Parkhurst ’44) and William Stirling Jr. escaped to the Virgin Islands to miss the bad winter storms. With all the grandchildren and greats to keep track of, life is exciting enough…. Stan and Annette Stoehr Daggett continue to lead a relatively active life, going to Tuscany and Rome in early spring…. Richard Stoughton observes that the spring of 2001 was full with two grandchildren graduating from college, another getting married. He still is at the Truro church in the summer…. Harlan Sturgis continues writing his family history and is trying to read everything he hasn’t read so far in his life. Now cancer free, he walks and golfs; his exercises include attending Red Sox games…. Ruth Swanson Rollins is “out and about” for good with a second hip. She looked forward to the summer and her stay at Harpswell…. Nancy Terry Park now in her home in Oak Harbor, across the river from Vero Beach Barrier Island. She took several trips with her family to Greece and Turkey to the Passion Play in Oberammergau…. Minert Thompson says his consulting business is about ended, which will leave them more time to travel. They looked forward to summer in Maine as usual…. In Durham, N.C., Lois and Arthur Watts enjoy their lifestyle at the life care retirement community, The Forest, at Duke. Their family roster includes four children, seven grandchildren, and seven greats…. Since 1988 Al Wight has spent winters in Naples, Fla. He plays some golf. Among three grown children is a golf pro who lives there in Naples. The others live in New Hampshire, so it works out well to have kids at both ends…. In Saco, Phyllis (Hicks) and Horace Wood Jr. are healthy and happy. Woody plays golf five days a week and works on conservation, comprehensive plan, and library boards. Phyl, still quilting, has a new hobby of rubber stamping. With friends she makes cards for church fairs. Their beautiful Christopher Wren-style Congregational Church burned in August 2000, a tremendous loss to members and the community. People from all over the world have helped members to cope with space, materials, and compassion…. If his new knee finally cooperated, Hal Wright hoped he and Polly could go to Hawaii last spring. Earlier he was spending time extending his veggie garden to 18-by-18, and Polly happily still tends her flowers. Hal learned this year that his dermatologist is Minert Thompson’s son. “I hear that dad still plays a mean game of tennis! Small world.”