Scene Again: 1998

To begin Lake Andrews restoration in July 1998, the College drained the pond. Day by day, all sorts of treasures were revealed: a bowling ball, mangled bike, table, stereo set, desk, bed frame, chairs, tennis shoes, bottles, cans, three 30-pound snapping turtles — relocated to a nearby pond — and overgrown goldfish. Bulldozers and backhoes removed 4,963 cubic yards of dredge spoils, scraping the bottom to the base of marine clay. A layer of clean, coarse sand was put down to a depth of six inches; shoreline plantings, 250 tons of riprap, and stone walls completed the restoration, designed partly for aesthetic reasons and partly to keep the water clean and prevent annual summer algal blooms. The shoreline restoration, including the creation of Keigwin Amphitheater and the Burgoyne Walk, was funded through a $1 million gift from Henry “Jack” Keigwin ’59 and his wife, Beverly.