Scholar to Discuss Greek Figured Art at Bates

A distinguished scholar of classical archeology will discuss near eastern iconography and the Homeric poems in ancient Greece in a lecture at Bates College on March 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall. The public is invited to attend free of charge.

Nicholas Coldstream, Yates Professor in Classical Archeology Emeritus of University College, London, will deliver the talk, “The Rise of Greek Figured Art: Daily Life, Fantasy and Myth,” as the last of three in a lecture series, “Speaking Pictures, Seeing Stories: Visual and Textual Representation in the Classical and Medieval World,” offered by the Classical and Medieval Studies Program at Bates.

“The eighth century BC is one of the most creative periods in the history of Western art: creative, in the sense that a tradition of figured representation arose in Greece virtually out of nothing,” Coldstream said. This development “coincides with the composition of the Homeric poems, and a gradually increasing acquaintance with the fantastic monsters of Near Eastern iconography. I will explore the balance between these elements and the experiences of daily life,” Coldstream said of his talk.

An honorary fellow of University College, London, Coldstream is the author of numerous publications on classical Greek archeology including “Greek Geometric Pottery: a study of ten local styles and their chronology” (London, 1968); “Kythera: Excavations and Studies” with G.L. Huxley (London, 1973); “Knossos: the Sanctuary of Demeter” (“British School at Athens” Suppl. 8, 1973); “Geometric Greece” (London, 1977) and the forthcoming “Knossos: the North Cemetary” with H.W. Catling (“British School at Athens” Suppl. 1996.)

A King’s Scholar at Eton College, Coldstream was a Foundation Scholar and received a BA, First Class Honours in Parts I and II of Classical Tripos from King’s College, Cambridge. He served as a member of the faculty at the University of London, Bedford College, for 15 years before being named Yates Professor of Classical Archeology at University College, London, in 1983.

Coldstream is a member of the managing committee and trustee of the British School at Athens as well as a fellow for the British Academy and the Society of Antiquaries, London.

For further information, call 786-6077.

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