Activists discuss creation of land trusts for low-income families in Spiritual Journey series

Rosemary Haughton and Nancy Schwoyer will describe the creation of Wellspring House, a shelter, center for social justice and land-trust enterprise a lecture titled Change and Exchange: The Radical Results of Real Conversations, at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, in Skelton Lounge, Chase Hall, 56 Campus Avenue. The public is invited to attend this discussion, part of the “Spiritual Journeys: Stories of the Soul 2002-03” series sponsored by the Office of the Chaplain, free of charge. Call 207-786-8272 for more information.

In 1980, activists, educators and writers Schwoyer and Haughton began a conversation with five other women in the low-income fishing community of Cape Ann, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. That conversation led to the creation of Wellspring House, a center of communal action for social justice. Throughout the past 21 Wellspring House has developed education, shelter and housing, land trusts and job creation for low-income families.

Schwoyer and Haughton will explain how their conversations have led to real solutions and real change both in the community of Cape Ann and in their own spiritual and political lives.

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