Phelps' agent makes home in Maine

“This changes everything.” That’s how Peter Carlisle ’91, agent to the hottest athlete on the planet, summed up the likely effect of Michael Phelps’ historic Olympics performance — not only for Phelps, but perhaps for the Olympics themselves. Carlisle, director of the Olympic and action sports division of the marketing firm Octagon, is based in Portland, but his world is global.

Carlisle said Phelps’ real impact will be evidenced in coming years. “The Olympic market changed, not just Michael — but the Olympics themselves, the way we look at them, the way they will be presented,” said Carlisle, whose stable of Olympic swimmers also includes Portland’s Ian Crocker, world record holder in the 100-meter butterfly. They will all benefit from Phelps’ effort, though Carlisle said it may take some time. [More…]