Staying at Morehouse yet will miss Bates

From Anthony: I decided to extend my studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Last semester I began to develop great relationships with students and increase my involvement with organizations at Morehouse. Therefore, I thought it would be best to stay another semester. Also, I had this feeling that Morehouse would continue to help me develop a heightened social conscious as well as excellent personal development skills. I also happen to love it here too.

I must admit, I will miss many aspects of Bates while away.

Top 5

5) International Dinner: A time when international students prepare meals for the entire campus community from their homeland. The food is delicious and learning about food from different cultures can be intellectually stimulating and of course nourishing!

4) Amandla!: The Black student organization typically conducts an annual symposium on a particular issue concerning people of African Descent.

3) The Society of African American Studies: This organization is a developing organization at Bates. I serve as the moderator and upon my return to Bates in the fall 2009, I plan to work with other students to initiate a campus newsletter that provide a forum for student of African Americans Studies to publish their work and the newsletter will promote events and achievements from faculty and students within the African American Studies program.

2) People: The warm hospitality of faculty, administrators and staff at Bates who are always willing to make sure you are most comfortable academically and personally

1) MLK DAY: My most favorite time at Bates. Honestly it is.This is when the entire campus community is invited to come out to participate in workshops, forums and performances celebrating the life of Dr. King.