H1N1, vaccination update for Oct. 21

To: The Bates Community
From: Christy Tisdale, director of health services, and Tedd Goundie, dean of students
Date: Oct. 21, 2009

As of Oct. 20, we have had 265 reports of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) since fall semester began Sept. 5. All but 27 of those were after Oct. 8, when the Maine CDC reported six positive cultures for H1N1.  (After three or more confirmed H1N1 cases, the Maine CDC no longer test cultures, so anyone exhibiting ILI is treated using H1N1 protocols.)

Bates was fortunate to have H1N1 vaccine made available by the Maine CDC immediately after those first six confirmed cultures, and we have vaccinated 999 students in several clinics. While no statistics are available, we know that many students with ILI recuperated over three to five days, then returned to classes. No complications have been reported.

Most students went on fall break today (Oct. 21) and return to campus Oct. 26. This return date will be beyond the seven to 10 days it takes for the vaccine to become effective.

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