New England Cable News among news outlets reporting surge in H1N1 cases at Bates

New England Cable News reporter Amy Sinclair comes to campus in October to report on the surge in H1N1 cases at Bates. “With hand sanitizers at the ready all over campus, and constant reminders about how to prevent spreading and contracting the flu, Bates College had done its homework. But all those precautions couldn’t keep every germ off campus,” she reports on Oct. 21. (By the first week of November, Bates had reported 281 students with influenza-like illness but only three currently sick; following the CDC guidelines, all are presumed to have had H1N1.  Coupled with more than 1,000 students who have been vaccinated by spray or injectable vaccine, Bates estimates that some 75 percent of its 1,714 students now have some degree of immunity.) View story from NECN, Oct. 21.

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