About the Cover: Fall 2009

Magdalena Sophia Merrill '98 (goes by "Maggie") serves as policy director for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. She is studying for a Ph.D. in urban studies at the University of New Orleans and her dissertation topic focuses on recovery at the local level. Posing outside of City Hall, located at 1300 Perdido St. in downtown New Orleans, she is also shown meeting with the mayor shortly before returning to work from a three-month maternity leave.

Photographer Phyllis Graber Jensen traveled to New Orleans in September to photograph alums involved in various New Orleans rebuilding efforts, including Maggie Merrill ’98, seen here with Mayor Ray Nagin, for whom Merrill serves as policy director. Jensen also traveled to nearby Long Beach, Miss., to photograph Janet Collier Millard ’54, who rebuilt her seaside home after the hurricane.

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