Portland Press Herald, Sun Journal review student-curated Museum of Art show

Stories in the Portland Press Herald and Sun Journal about the current, student-curated Museum of Art’s exhibition, “Collection Project 4: Selections from Alumni Collections,” highlight the importance of philanthropy in museum development. “Alumni giving has played a significant role in how this collection has grown,” says museum curator William Low.  The show’s artwork ranges from 17th-century Rembrandt prints to paintings by Frans Pieter Ter Meulen to photographs from contemporary local artists. “Some of the works have not been shown collectively before,” Low tells the Sun Journal‘s Lindsay Tice. For the most part, student curatorial interns organized and researched the show, tackling the challenges of presenting diverse artwork — like how various pieces work best together in an exhibition. The show continues through March 27. View story from the Portland Press Herald, Jan. 14, 2010.