University Business praises Bates climate and facilities planning

A University Business magazine story, “Keeping the Commitment,” explains how U.S. college and university presidents are keeping true to their sustainability promises during hard economic times. Bates is singled out for efficiently aligning its carbon action plan with overall facilities planning efforts.

“The way we approached our climate action plan is characteristic of Bates,” says Bates President Elaine Tuttle Hansen. “We don’t throw money at problems. We figure out a solution within our means.”

The magazine, a national publication for higher education decision makers, notes that Bates is working toward its “aggressive goal” of carbon neutrality by 2020 while also moving forward with a new phase of facilities planning and construction.

The story quotes Sustainability Coordinator Julie Rosenbach, who explains that Bates has integrated sustainability ideas and costs into its infrastructure planning, rather than proposing the projects separately, where they would compete for funding.

Integrated planning saves money, increases efficiencies and ensures sustainable growth, she says. “Often the goals of energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions and saving money are compatible overall; it’s the initial capital costs that make people associate sustainability with higher cost.” View story from University Business, June 2010.

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