WMTW news calls Pricefalls.com 'a great concept and a local one'

For its Project Economy series, southern Maine ABC affiliate WMTW-TV spotlights Pricefalls.com, the Dutch auction website founded by Bates economics major Elliot Moskow ’10. Reporter Keith Baldi localizes the story even more by explaining how Auburn-based Agren Appliance has turned to Pricefalls to sell some products.  “The upside is huge” of selling online, says owner Jason Agren. To find out who comes up with these ideas, “you have to go no farther than Bates College here in Lewiston,” says Baldi, who interviewed Moskow during Commencement week. Moskow says that “I always knew if I put in enough hard work I could do anything. Obviously, most of the kinds who come to Bates are hard workers. I really just had that mindset the whole time, kept at it and put a lot of time into it.” View story from WMTW news, July 1, 2010.

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