When the north wind starts to blow, students turn to their lip balm…then leave the tubes on various carrels and desks in Ladd Library, where they find their way to the Lost & Found.

Here are the 18 items in the library’s Lost & Found on Dec. 13, 2019, a day before the end of finals week for the fall semester.

  • Mario Badescu–brand lip balm
  • Doctor Dan–brand “Cortibalm” lip balm
  • Halloween-themed pinwheel
  • Book, A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None, by Kathryn Yusoff, exploring connections among the science of geology, racism, and anthropocene thinking
Items seen in the library's Lost & Found on Dec. 13, 2019. (H. Jay Burns/Bates College)

Items seen in the library’s Lost & Found on Dec. 13, 2019. (H. Jay Burns/Bates College)

  • Notebook for Chemistry 107,  a course that examines the structures of atoms and molecules
  • Hoop earrings (many)
  • Casio FX-CG10 graphing calculator
  • Two buttons, one featuring the transgender pride flag and the other the initials “JR.”
  • Faux ID card invoking Russian fashion designer and photographer Gosha Rubchinskiy
  • Three pendants, gold, red, and white, featuring the Timberland logo
  • Yaroce blue-light blocking computer glasses
  • Two plastic rulers
  • Variety of water bottles, including one from the college’s Mathematics and Statistics Workshop, and a commemorative one from the New England Patriots’ 2019 Super Bowl win
  • Black cotton gloves
  • Popup mirror and hair brush
  • Pendant necklace with pyramid-shaped stone
  • Bluetooth ear buds
  • One footie sock
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