We’ve made it easier to share your reflections!

Dear Family Members of the Bates Class of 2022,

We need your thoughtful reflections!

Baccalaureate (Saturday, May 28th at 2pm, the day preceding Commencement) is a reflective ceremony planned and led by members of the graduating Class of 2022 in collaboration with the Bates Multifaith Chaplaincy. The ceremony is designed to celebrate the graduates’ journey through Bates and beyond, and the event speaks from the languages of many religions and spiritualities, and combines poetry, music, dance, and reflection. 

Please complete this form no later than April 4th if you would like to have your thoughts– whether in the form of poetry, prayers, prose, or short stories– for inclusion in the ceremony! 

If it’s easier, you can send an email to the multifaithchaplaincy@bates.edu with the subject line: “Baccalaureate Family Reflection.” 

  1. What about the Bates experience has most impacted your graduate and enabled them to grow?
  2. What does your student’s graduation from college mean to you or your family?
  3. What advice would you give the senior class in this time of transition?

Family reflections are an integral part of the Baccalaureate ceremony, so we hope to hear from many of you.