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Families of the Class of 2024 Collaborative Work Space in Chase Hall


Progress Update

As of May 17, the Class of 2024 Senior Parent Gift is 73.5% of the way to our goal at $551,027.11! Join this effort by making a gift today!

Dear fellow Class of 2024 families,

From our “drive-by drop-off” in August 2020 to the excitement of a new president this fall, our seniors’ time at Bates has been characterized by enthusiasm for seizing every opportunity, a willingness to take on challenges, and deep commitment to community. Class of 2024 families have been engaged partners at every turn.

Given the incredible tradition of support among Class of 2024 Families, we invite you to join us as we seek to raise $750,000 to name the Families of the Class of 2024 Collaborative Work Space in Chase Hall.

This newly renovated space is a modernized, central hub for our students and their peers to use for group work, meetings with professors and project partners, and more. Located at the heart of Chase Hall – a campus center for student engagement – our named space will embody connection, curiosity, and collaboration. What a legacy in honor of our seniors and in recognition of our own affection for Bates and its impact on our children.

There is a place for all in this effort, and we invite every Class of 2024 family to participate in the Senior Parent Gift in the way that is right for them.

Deepest thanks in advance for your engagement as donors, cheerleaders, and ambassadors for this effort. We look forward to gathering with you on Commencement weekend to celebrate our collective success.

On behalf of the committee,

Neen Koenigsbauer P’22 P’24
Senior Parent Gift Chair

Frequently asked questions about the Senior Parent Gift

How can I get involved as a volunteer? 

We would love to have you join the Senior Parent Gift Committee! Please reach out to Emily Bray Levine at Bates at to learn more and hear how we can make volunteering easy and rewarding for you.

Will I be asked for a Parents Fund gift as well?

Your Senior Parent Gift is your Parents Fund gift. With this in mind, we encourage you to stretch with your support of Bates and the Senior Parent Gift.

I usually support Friends of Bates Athletics as well. How does that factor in?

We know many parents support our student-athletes through the FBA while also supporting the Parents Fund. Both kinds of gifts count toward our goal, so we encourage you to continue to support your student’s team while also stretching in support of the Senior Parent Gift.

I am a senior parent and a Bates alum. Does my Senior Parent Gift count toward my class total?

Yes! Your gift will count toward your class total while supporting this effort. 


Bates College would like to recognize and thank all of our generous donors for their contributions to the Families of 2024 Collaborative Work Space in Chase Hall.

Michael D. Ackerman and Sara Ackerman P’24
Michael J. Acton ’85 and Miriam W. Smith ’85, P’24
Peter L. Althausen and Kristen J. MacLeod P’24
David G. Aman and Pamela A. Crandall P’24
William P. Anderson Jr. and Christine Y. Anderson P’24, P’27
Anonymous (6)
Theodore M. Austin and Martha F. Austin P’24
Donald B. Azcarate and Stacy K. Azcarate P’24
Elizabeth P. Barratt-Brown P’23, P’24
Edward W. Bell ’87 and Jennifer S. Bell P’24
Kevin Berkoff and Grey Heck P’24
Mitchell N. Berman and Ingrid M. Johansen P’24
Gregory D. Bernhardt ’99 and Hannah D. Sessions ’99, P’24, P’26
Kathleen Duffy Birkeland ’89 and Kjetil M. Birkeland P’24
Timothy L. Brennan and Deborah P. Brennan P’24
Jeffrey Brody and Patricia Brody P’24
Matthew W. Bromley ’98 and Beth L. Kalinowski ’99, P’24
James Brumsted and Maria McClellan P’24
D. M. Bushley and Abigail W. Bushley P’24
Ahmed Bussey and Llubia Bussey P’24
Richard Calve Sr. and Beth Calve P’24
Tammy M. Caron P’24, P’27
Erika D. Caruthers and Jonathan M. Brown P’24
Christopher M. Cimino and Nacole Cimino P’24
Stacey A. Cimino P’24
Marjorie Patterson Cochran ’90 and Moncrieff M. Cochran IV P’22, P’24
Timothy J. Connelly and Ames T. Connelly P’24
Adam E. Conrad and Lauren J. Conrad P’24, P’26
Caryn Conway P’24
Roderick Corey and Candace K. Corey P’24
Alexander S. Corman and Charlotte L. Brownlee P’24, P’26
Francisco Paulo Costeira da Rocha and Ana Cristina Costeira da Rocha P’24
Kevin A. Cotter and Susan E. Hanifin P’24
Peter B. Crawford and Loulie S. Crawford P’24
Laura M. Crossen P’24
Kari A. Cuneo P’24
Terence D. Cuneo Sr. P’24
Brett R. Danko and Dawn M. D’Orlando P’24, P’27
Mike M. Daoust and Lynn A. Daoust P’24
David T. Dekker and Elizabeth P. Dekker P’24
Christopher R. Del Col ’88 and Leslie A. Del Col P’24
Edward P. Delamater and Maureen Delamater P’24
Richard F. DeLossa and Amy R. DeLossa P’24
David DelPoio and Cathleen Joachim P’24
Antony J. Detre and Yvette E. Kovats P’24
Eric W. Dickson and Catherine E. Dickson P’24
Joseph A. Donovan and Jacqueline M. Donovan P’24
Thomas P. Drake and Mimi K. Drake P’24, P’28
Christopher Duval and Mary Lyons P’24
Jason A. Ewell and Ayesha M. Almeida P’24
Michael P. Farrell and Eleanor C. Farrell P’20, P’24
Edward J. Farrington and Kate R. Farrington P’24
Christopher J. Fasciano ’87, P’18, P’20, P’24
Rebecca Stevens Fasciano ’88, P’18, P’20, P’24
Timothy P. Fay and Cappie L. Alverson-Fay P’21, P’24
Frank Feist and Sarah C. Gates P’24, P’28
Brian J. Fenlon and Erin A. Fenlon P’24
Lauren K. Fine ’93 and Michael E. Singer P’24, P’26
George R. Finn III and Julie C. Finn P’24
Brandon Forde and Nicole Forde P’24
Douglas M. Frey and Amy M. Frey P’24
Barnaby Friedman and Kristin Guarino P’24
Mark S. Gainey P’24
Wendy Harris Garber ’89 and Richard B. Garber P’24, P’26
Nicholas E. Glicos and Jami L. Glicos P’24
Gregg D. Gonzalez and Kathryn D. Gonzalez P’24
Karen A. Gordon and Michael L. Gordon P’24
Marc L. Gordon and Pamela N. Gordon P’24
Richard E. Gotham and Kara C. Gotham P’24
Michael W. Gregory Jr. and Sara D. Gregory P’24
Charles M. Gruber P’24
Alicia Tierney Guinee ’80 and Lawrence M. Guinee P’15, P’19, P’24
Santosh D. Gujarathi and Karen A. Gujarathi P’24
John T. Haggerty and Jennifer A. Haggerty P’24
Keith Hairston and Shelly Hairston P’24
Betty Hale GP’24
Laurence N. Hale II and Jane C. Hale P’24
Maura A. Hart and Susan K. Hart P’26
Paul R. Hawkins and Andrea M. Hawkins P’24
Patrick W. Hayne and Barrie L. Schwartz P’24
Megan Peterson Hill ’88 and Andrew J. Hill P’22, P’24, P’27
David D. Hindle Jr. ’89 and Phuong T. Trieu-Hindle P’24
Christopher C. Hollander and Kristine J. Hollander P’24
Benjamin C. Hough and Katherine E. Hough P’24
Jeanna M. Howard P’24
Jeffrey S. Hunt and Dariane K. Hunt P’24
Lynn Iler P’24
Michael R. Jankowski and Cynthia S. Jankowski P’24
Hua Jiang and Li Li P’24
Amy Knott Job ’89 and Robert Job IV P’24
Allen L. Johnson and Holly G. Johnson P’24
Linda Johnson GP’24
Matthew L. Jones and Nancy P. Jones P’24
Dipak Karmaker P’24
Andrew Kearns and Katherine Kearns P’24
Russell A. Keene III and Katherine L. Keene P’24
Arthur B. Kettle III and Margaret A. Blanding P’24
Douglas Kilmister P’24
Joo H. Kim and Hyun S. Ku P’24
Kirk J. Koenigsbauer and Anita M. Koenigsbauer P’22, P’24
Benjamin A. Kriegler and Vonda M. LePage P’24
David J. LaCasse and Diana F. LaCasse P’24
William P. Laplante and Tamara B. Laplante P’24
James Lawrence IV and Alexandra A. Lawrence P’24
Daniel J. Leonard and Faith M. Windsor-Leonard P’24
Matthew Levinger and Cristin Lambros P’24
Richard P. Lewis Jr. and Diane E. Lifton P’24
Chang Li and Ying Wu P’24
Martin A. Lindquist and Karen J. Levin P’24
John J. Linnehan and Jacqueline C. Linnehan P’24
David A. Lowell and Linda S. Hill P’24
Jianbo Lu and Peng Lu P’24
Jamie A. Lussier and Debra K. Lussier P’24
Joshua S. Lutton and Laura P. Lutton P’24
Charles S. Maass and Lynn H. Maass P’24
Eric H. Mabley ’90 and Amy T. Mabley P’24
Adam Mackic and Olga L. Mackic P’24
Creighton R. Magid and Vicky L. Magid P’24
Todd J. Marquis Boutin and Lori J. Marquis Boutin P’24
Michael M. Mathias and Felicia D. Mathias P’24
William T. Mathias and Lisa D. Mathias P’24
William R. Matthews III and Sheila J. Matthews P’24
Alejandro Mayral Blanco and Erinn E. Boyle P’24
Allan J. McAlpine Jr. and Heidi D. Glover-McAlpine P’24
Joseph F. McCambley and Joan E. Zimmerman P’24
Colleen A. McCormick P’24
Kevin M. McEvoy and Judith K. McEvoy P’24
James E. McGaugh and Katherine M. McGaugh P’24
Bruce W. Mckinlay and Amanda M. Marks P’24
Donald J. Medd ’91 and Rachel S. Simons P’24
James W. Meyer and Jennie A. Meyer P’24
Andrew H. Milne and Stacey F. Milne P’24
Stephen J. Morse and Kristin B. Morse P’24
Susan A. Murray P’24
Richard L. Nahigian and Tina W. Chin P’24, P’26
Erik E. Nelson and Kimberly P. Nelson P’24
James H. Nida and Annelliott J. Willis P’24
John G. Norman and Juliette M. Rogers P’24
Robert A. O’Neil Jr. and Kathi M. O’Neil P’24
Crystal D. Orton P’24
Scott P. Osgood and Frances A. Osgood P’24
Craig A. Parmelee Jr. and Jennifer A. O’Connor-Parmelee P’24
Bradley D. Peacock ’92 and Tracy O’Mara Peacock ’94, P’24, P’26
Robert M. Peck and Susan W. Peck P’24
Timothy J. Perry and Kerri S. Perry P’24, P’26
Wayne A. Pivec and Rebecca K. Pivec P’24
Jeffrey R. Porter ’85, P’24
Kenneth M. Potash and Lisa C. Potash P’24
John R. Price Jr. and Svetlana S. Price P’24
Warren A. Rabin and Jennifer M. Hanawald P’24
Daniel Raddock and Elizabeth Raddock P’24
Eleno Ramos and Ileana Jimenez P’24
John F. Remondi and Judith B. Remondi P’24
Brian Riano and Eileen Riano P’24
Kevin J. Roelofs and Jennifer P. Roelofs P’24, P’26
Christine Behr Sarrazin ’89 and Paul R. Sarrazin P’24
Steve W. Schmidt and Mary A. Tanneberger P’24
Russell S. Schneider and Lisa B. Schneider P’24
Troy A. Schrupp and Eliza A. Deery P’24
Edward L. Shapiro and Barbara J. Shapiro P’24
Ian R. Shelley and Barbara A. Voight P’24
Guibao Shen and Wei Wang P’24
Daniel P. Shine and Elizabeth A. Shine P’24
Joseph N. Simmons and Rebecca L. Layton P’24
Chip Simplicio ’91 and Julie Roche Simplicio ’91, P’20, P’22, P’24
Ty W. Simsak and Carol W. Simsak P’24
Kevin J. Small and Kirsten E. Small P’24
Ashli Smith P’24
Trent R. Stamp and Jill B. Stamp P’24
David G. Standaert and Janet L. Standaert P’24
Ann Stern P’24
William M. Stern P’24
David B. Stevenson and Lisa J. Stevenson P’24
Maurice Stucke and Elizabeth T. Stucke P’24
Carola A. Tanna and Will Dudley P’24
Michael D. Terry and Katherine S. Longstreth P’24
Anthony C. Thoman ’84 and Maureen Thoman P’24
Stuart B. Titus ’91 and Katherine M. Titus P’24
Thien Tran and Thi-Cam Truong P’24
Dean T. Triggs and Jennifer F. Triggs P’24
Robert K. Underhill Jr. and Jill S. Firstbrook P’24
Steven M. Volkers and Amy C. Houser P’24
Amy Dykstra Walker ’89 and Steven W. Walker P’24
Jeremy B. Wallis and Shannon M. Wallis P’24
Reed F. Welch and Karen M. Welch P’24
Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison M. Wells P’24
Joseph E. Welsh and Lauren Greenwald P’24
Kevin S. Wenger and Elizabeth J. Harrison P’24
Sally T. Weylman and Michael Zilles P’24
Major W. Wheelock III and Sandra M. Wheelock P’24
Milton L. Williams Jr. and Danielle D. Williams P’24, P’27
Brian Wood and Gina Wood P’24
Rachel D. Wray and Charles G. Wray P’24
Erik H. Young and Karen A. Young P’24
B. T. Younkin and Sara H. Younkin P’24
Edmund Zuis ’88 and Catherine V. Squires ’88, P’24

Past Parent Senior Gift

Families of 2023 Living Room, Dana Hall

The Class of 2023 families raised over $500,000 in the 2022-2023 academic year, allowing them to name the Dana Hall Living Room in their honor.

Scenes from inside Dana Hall during midterm week on March 20, 2023.

Eli Kushner ’24 studying with friend.
Dana Hall re-opens to the Bates community on Monday, Aug. 29 from 2-4 pm for light refreshments and a chance to celebrate its renovation.

The renovation of Dana is an important part of both our revitalization of STEM at Bates and creating new flexible classrooms for all - this is truly an all-campus building. You’ll see new student spaces throughout the building, teaching labs on the first and third floors, and three new flexible classrooms on the second floor. Core facilities and accessibility have been improved as well. We are excited about the impact these spaces will have on teaching and learning in the decades to come. We are looking forward to sharing Dana with you and to celebrate the work of the many Bates employees and our partners who made this renovation possible.
Scenes from inside Dana Hall during midterm week on March 20, 2023.

“The best part is seeing my progress on the board.”

— Mauro Kalaora ’26 of Istanbul, Turkey, describing his satisfaction on learning how to graph optimization problems — expansion paths, minimizing costs, and maximizing profits — in preparation for a midterm exam for “Intermediate Microeconomic Theory,” taught by Assistant Professor of Economics Amanda Lindsay. He was studying in Dana 216, part of the Center for Inclusive Teaching and Learning.

The course compares models of perfect competition and market failure, with emphasis on the consequences for efficiency and equity. Topics include consumer choice, firm behavior, markets for goods and inputs, choice over time, monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, externalities, and public goods.


Bates College would like to recognize and thank all of our generous donors for their contributions to the Families of 2023 Living Room in Dana Hall.

  • Benjamin T. Ackley and Heidi M. Ackley P’23
  • Mir M. Alam and Sharmin H. Alam P’23
  • Gideon T. Alpert and Amy W. Alpert P’23
  • Brian D. Annese and Kathleen M. Annese P’23
  • Mitchell Arons and Penny Arons P’23
  • Guy J. Attal and Yuko Attal P’23
  • James Atwater and Bernadette Atwater P’23
  • Michael Axelrod and Julia Simovsky P’23
  • Francis Ballard Jr. and Lisa F. Ballard P’23
  • Arijit Banerjee and Swapna M. Banerjee P’23
  • Elizabeth P. Barratt-Brown P’23, P’24
  • Randall J. Bates ’89 and Tara K. Bates P’23
  • John R. Baylor and Susan L. Baylor P’23
  • Henry N. Berry IV and Joan F. Berry P’09, P’23
  • Margaret P. Biddle P’23
  • Kate B. Boswell P’23
  • David M. Braslau ’84 and Yain Y. Lu ’84, P’23
  • Jessica Broda P’23
  • Christopher F. Brown and Elizabeth W. Brown P’19, P’23
  • Joshua Burden and Nancy Burden P’23
  • Gary H. Burdorf P’23
  • Sherry L. Burdorf P’23
  • Thomas E. Byrne III and Arden E. Byrne P’23
  • John Campbell and Jennifer L. Mogul P’23
  • Blaine D. Carter and Nancy J. Carter P’23
  • Michael I. Chung and Carol G. Chung P’23
  • Brian M. Cleasby ’93 and Melissa J. Clay ’93, P’23
  • James B. Coffey and Elizabeth R. Coffey P’23
  • Gerald D. Cohen and Katherine J. Reynolds-Cohen P’23
  • Jeffrey H. Coleman and Lisa O. Coleman P’23
  • Stephen C. Concannon ’92 and Laura Concannon P’21, P’23
  • John R. Conkin and Allison Conkin P’23
  • John M. Connors III and Larisa E. Connors P’23
  • Kevin Conway P’23
  • Paul A. Cramer and Mary E. Gard P’23
  • John D’Addario III and Michelle D’Addario P’23
  • Peter A. Delamere and Jennifer S. Delamere P’23
  • Lance Depew and Pauline Depew P’23
  • Michael Devon and Ronit K. Devon P’23
  • R. Bosworth Dewey Jr. P’23, P’24
  • John P. DiBartolo Jr. and Patricia M. DiBartolo P’23
  • Timothy B. Dining and Jenny H. Boesch P’23
  • John Dotson III and Diana Dotson P’23
  • James A. Dun and Kelly J. Dun P’23
  • Bartlett Dunbar and Lisa Lewis P’23
  • Gregory A. Ehret ’91 and Barbara L. Ehret P’23
  • John F. Ende and Amy S. Ende P’23
  • Anna Louise Englund ’93 and Mark T. Arienti P’23
  • Robert J. Epstein ’88 and Margot R. Berg P’23
  • David L. Ettinger and Lisa J. Ettinger P’23
  • Walter Faasen and Lynne Faasen P’23
  • Brian M. Fallon and LeeAnn Fallon P’23
  • Ting Fang and Stephanie R. Liu P’23
  • Frank Feist and Sarah C. Gates P’24
  • Clari Fennell P’23
  • Stephanie A. Fernald ’85, P’23
  • Barry A. Fischman P’23
  • David E. Fitzgerald and Mia W. Fitzgerald P’24
  • Noah Fleischmann and Julie Fleischmann P’23
  • Peter M. Forester and Jacqueline W. Rider P’23, P’25
  • Peter M. Gadaleta and Jeannette T. Gadaleta P’23
  • Mark A. Gallegos and Evan vanDommelen-Gonzalez P’23
  • Steven L. Goldstein and Ellen R. Goldstein P’23
  • Andrew J. Gooding ’89 and Grace Tallman Gooding ’89, P’23
  • James C. Graff P’23
  • Rafael O. Gray and Cynthia G. Gray P’23
  • Chad A. Green and Kathryn L. Green P’23
  • Ellen M. Greenberg P’23
  • Gregory Greuel and Amy Greuel P’23
  • Daniel Griffin and Melanie Griffin P’23
  • Robert S. Gross and Mary A. Smith P’23
  • James B. Grossman and Joy D. Grossman P’15, P’23
  • Hans Gundersen ’88 and Lisa M. Mainella P’20, P’23
  • Marjorie A. Haney P’23
  • Jason R. Hanley ’93 and Renee L. Hanley P’23
  • William A. Harris and Allyson A. Harris P’23
  • Jordan Hayes and Lynn Hayes P’23
  • Richard C. Hoffman and Sarah F. Hoffman P’23
  • Frederick J. Hogan Jr. P’23
  • Mary Holt-Wilson ’92 and Andrew M. Wilson P’23, P’27
  • Erin M. Horvat P’23
  • Christophe P. Hotermans and Nathalie M. Hotermans P’23, P’25
  • Steven J. Howard and Kathleen C. Howard P’19, P’23
  • Todd Howard and Elizabeth Howard P’23
  • Michael K. Ireland ’90 and Ruth Loescher Ireland ’90, P’23
  • Daniel J. Jandreau and Stacy W. Jandreau P’23
  • Jennifer J. Johnson ’88 and Stephen O’Leary P’23
  • David A. Jones and Wendy A. Togneri P’23
  • J. C. Jones and Suzanne S. Jones P’23
  • William J. Kane and Valerie J. Kane P’23
  • Craig L. Kennedy and Elizabeth Y. Kennedy P’21, P’23
  • Thomas King and Rosaria King P’23
  • Robert V. Kleinbardt and Diane R. Ninos P’23
  • James D. Klingbeil Jr. and Sarah S. Klingbeil P’20, P’23, P’26
  • Martin P. Knauss and Kristine A. Kemmis P’23
  • Lawrence A. Kolenberg and Laura J. Moloney P’23, P’26
  • Steven G. Kovacs and Amy Kovacs P’23
  • Noah E. Kupferman and Jennifer K. Hiraga P’23
  • Chad M. LaCroix and Kirsten E. LaCroix P’23
  • Kimberly A. LaPointe and Steven Roberts P’23
  • Susan E. Lavoie-Sullivan and Mark Sullivan P’23
  • James R. Leonard and Susan Leonard P’23
  • Jonathan B. Littlefield and Bridget E. Littlefield P’23
  • Christopher M. Lovett Sr. and Mary Lou Lovett P’23
  • Benjamin A. Lowenstein ’92 and Elizabeth E. Lowenstein P’23, P’25
  • Brian P. MacDonald and Lesley R. MacDonald P’23
  • Robert L. Marchman and Susan S. Marchman P’23
  • Joseph P. Marcolina and Kerry A. Marcolina P’23
  • Arthur J. McAfee III and Anita J. LaRue-McAfee P’23
  • Jim McCulloch and Kristin E. McCulloch P’23
  • Richard T. Meenan and Karen S. Meenan P’23
  • Emanuel G. Merisotis ’90 and Teresa S. Merisotis P’23
  • Deborah Meshulam P’23
  • Oliver T. Middleton and Barbara A. Rowley P’23
  • Michael Mikulski and Jaynellen Mikulski P’23
  • Janet T. Moodie GP’23
  • Leslie J. Morison ’88 and Anthony P. Hoag P’23
  • Kevin G. Murphy Jr. and Mara W. Murphy P’23
  • Terrence J. Murray and Nicole S. Murray P’23
  • Fredric D. Nadel and Jill S. Nadel P’23
  • Matthew E. Nespole ’93 and Jennifer Lockhart Nespole ’94, P’23
  • Jeffrey Neville and Lisa Neville P’23
  • Merlyn R. Nolan ’90 and Heather Falk Nolan ’92, P’23
  • Christian Nolen and Susan J. Denny P’23
  • Kevin M. O’Hare and Judith B. O’Hare P’23
  • James P. Parker and Amy F. Parker P’23
  • Jay Parkhill Jr. ’91 and Hilary Parkhill P’23
  • James R. Paul and Wendy W. Paul P’23
  • Paul R. Petrie and Allison T. Hild P’18, P’23
  • Abiathar Phillips and Mary K. Bundorf P’23
  • Gregory S. Pilgrim and Sloane DeAngelis P’23
  • Leslie M. Pinto and Michael F. Grace P’23
  • Walter H. Platt ’88 and Julie L. Sutherland-Platt ’88, P’19, P’23
  • Jill B. Porter P’24
  • Gregory L. Pottle and Sallie E. Pottle P’23
  • Jason Pribilsky P’23
  • Elizabeth M. Ransom and Stephen B. Ransom P’23
  • Lawrence E. Reed Jr. P’23
  • Corey W. Richardson and Daphne L. Richardson P’23
  • Kevin S. Rose and Kimberly Rose P’23
  • Douglas B. Rosner and Erin K. Higgins P’23
  • Daryl Ross and Bryna Ross P’23
  • Stephen B. Ross and Patricia D. Ross P’23
  • Sean P. Ryan ’85 and Yvonne Ryan P’23
  • William G. Schierwagen and Susan R. Schierwagen P’23
  • Matthew Schinabeck and Anne Schinabeck P’23
  • Douglas A. Schmidt and Rhonda S. Schmidt P’23
  • Philippe Z. Selendy and Jennifer M. Selendy
  • Jay C. Shambaugh and Lisa A. Shambaugh P’23
  • Waseem A. Sheikh and Annalisa Campanile P’23
  • William J. Sheils and Martha P. Sheils P’19, P’21, P’23
  • Patrick Shepherd and Arleen M. Shepherd P’23
  • Roger S. Sherman and Jennifer B. Schab P’23
  • Brett M. Shifrin and Sara W. Shifrin P’23
  • Yakir Siegal and Wendy Siegal P’23
  • Eric W. Smart and Stephanie N. Smart P’23
  • Robert C. Smith and Maura E. Daly P’23
  • Ronald S. Smith and Sharon R. Smith P’23
  • Lisa W. Sotir Parsons P’24
  • Rebecca E. Southard P’23
  • Nancy G. Stakun P’23
  • R. Reed Stevens and Carolyn Hoyt Stevens P’23
  • Pamela B. Stone P’10, P’23
  • Leslee L. Subak P’23
  • Sohei Sugimura and Miyuki Sugimura P’23
  • William F. Symmans and Luisa J. Orto-Symmans P’23
  • Gary W. Tamkin and Sandra S. Tamkin P’23
  • Jacob J. Taylor and Donna M. Taylor P’23
  • Henry Toulmin and Julia Toulmin P’23
  • Stephen D. Trafton and Melissa G. Trafton P’23
  • Thien Tran and Thi-Cam Truong P’24
  • Frank R. Trinity and Margaret T. Trinity P’23
  • Ellen P. Urquhart P’23
  • Jaime A. Urribarri and Kristen L. Urribarri P’23
  • Yves M. Van Damme and Wendy Van Damme P’23
  • Alissa Vance P’23
  • Marc J. Veilleux and Jennifer L. Pickard P’23
  • Margo Veskimagi and Inga Veskimagi P’23
  • Michael J. Walker and Terry A. Walker P’23
  • Jonathan S. Whittaker and Christee L. Whittaker P’23
  • Jon S. Wilkins Jr. and Elizabeth A. Cavanagh P’23
  • Christopher T. Williams and Michele L. Peterson P’23
  • Gregg Winter and Ellen Winter P’23
  • Joel W. Wolfe and Traci A. Wolfe P’23
  • Michael P. Wolter P’23
  • Howard S. Wynn and Valerie S. Wynn P’23
  • Peter Young and Amy Young P’23
  • Michael E. Zeilinger P’23
  • Arthur L. Zerbey III and Michelle M. Zerbey P’23
  • Eileen P. Zimmerman and Wayne V. Zimmerman P’23