Emilia Justyna Powell: “Peaceful Resolution of Territorial and Maritime Disputes”

Pettengill Hall, Room G52 (Keck Classroom)
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Emilia Justyna Powell, is a Professor of Political Science and Concurrent Professor of Law, at the University of Notre Dame. She specializes in international law, international courts, international dispute resolution, territorial and maritime sovereignty, the Islamic legal tradition, Islamic international law, and Islamic constitutionalism. Among other writings, she is the co-author (with Krista E. Wiegand) of The Peaceful Resolution of Territorial and Maritime Disputes in 2023, which focuses on the management of interstate conflicts over territory and maritime areas via peaceful means such as adjudication, arbitration, mediation, and negotiations. In 2020, she published the book Islamic Law States and International Law: Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

This talk is co-sponsored by the Learning Associates Grant Program and the Politics Department.

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