Student Art at the Ronj

The Ronj is always excited to host student art. Please contact the Ronj Managers to see about having your artwork displayed in the Ronj.

For muralists and painters looking to paint in the Ronj, please complete the proposal form below and take note of our Student Art Guidelines:

  • In the spirit of community and artistic collaboration we encourage artists to work in groups of no less than 3 people.
  • We make no value-judgements on art; however, we do want to ensure that the art in the Ronj is representative of our communal Bates values which includes the protection of the Ronj as a safe space for all students – any artwork featuring derogatory language or potentially harmful images are not permitted. If you feel your art is in this category but for good reason as a political statement or personal expression, we are happy to see if there may be an alternative venue for your art.
  • All Ronj art proposals will be considered and voted upon by the Ronj student staff to ensure that the art enriches our space and supports the Ronj’s mission and goals
  • Artists would be supported by the Ronj in prepping the walls and preparing the space, though we do have limited funding for paint and specific art tools.

Student Mural Proposal

  • In as much detail as possible, please describe what your mural will look like. If you know where in the Ronj you would want to paint, please also include that.
  • Please succinctly but clearly state your artistic intentions for your mural. What is its purpose or meaning? What does it portray?
  • Please consider how your artwork will shape the Ronj space, what goals it may help the Ronj meet, and ultimately why it should be considered for the Ronj.


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