Junior Year Abroad (JYA) Programs

  1. AKP (Associated Kyoto Program) at Doshisha University, Kyoto
    Kate Bewley ’13, Kaitlin Harrison ’13, Christopher Okano ’13
    Patrick McNulty ’11
    Ashely Hru ’10
    Rebecca Cotugno ’09, Joe Drury ’09, Ariane Mandell ’09
    Matt Savas ’08
    Katie Rodden ’07
    Andy Jennings ’06
    Ann Mooney ’03, John Presley ’03
    Josh Denoncore ’02, Chris Hoover ’02, David Nesbitt ’02
    Kimberly Garvie ’01
    Alec Hansen ’00, Tim O’Connell ’00, Megan Tobin ’00
    Jonathan Hagelstein ’99, Roger Lin ’99
    Zoe Lawson ’98, Permsak Krairiksh ’98
    Sarah McCrum ’96
  2. International Christian University (ICU), Mitaka, Tokyo
    Megan Hollis ’93, Barnaby Donlon ’93
  3. Waseda University, Tokyo
    Ayako Harvie ’00
    Eric Cullenberg ’96, Jimmy (Nguyen) Huynh ’96
    Jennifer Mooradian ’93
    Aya Murata ’92
  4. Nanzan University, Nagoya
    Elizabeth Dempsey ’93
  5. Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka. For application through online.
  6. Japan Center for Michigan Universities, Hikone, Shiga (near Kyoto)
  7. CIEE program at Sophia University, Tokyo
    Evan Phillips ’07
  8. BCA Abroad program at Hokusei Gakuen University, Sapporo


  1. The AKP Program (all home stay) is highly recommended.
  2. Home stay may not be available at ICU.
  3. Students may be able to attend programs administered by other colleges.
  4. Most of non-language courses are taught in English in JYA & JSA programs.
  5. Students are usually required to take a placement test upon arrival in Japan.
  6. Students can get brochures at the Dean Sawyer’s office.
  7. Students should consult with a member of the Japanese language faculty in planning a JYA or JSA.

Junior Semester Abroad (JSA) Programs

  1. Kansai Gaidai University, Osaka For application through online.
    Michael Anderson ’12, Brendan Culliton ’12
    Matthew Parker ’11, Mi Shan Wong ’11, Terehas Edwards ’11
    Julia Caffrey ’10, Thao Nguyen ’11
    Amanda Galban ’09, Lauren Patz ’09
    Meredith Connor ’06, David Thomazy ’06, Ian Fontaine ’06, Mike Barnett ’06
    Rodorigo Hitoshi Dias ’05
    Janel Ippolite ’01, Ngan Dinh ’02, Ryan Ashley ’02
    Tamara Backer ’98, Elizabeth Purinton ’98
    Becky Steer ’97,
    Steve Harris ’94
    Anna Louise England ’93
  2. Nanzan University, Nagoya
    Tricia Yamada ’01
    Joanna Stavropoulos ’99
    Tama Miyake ’95,
    Katarina Osmers ’94
  3. Sophia University (Spring Semester), Tokyo
    Israel Mesa ’09
  4. BCA Abroad program at Hokusei Gakuen University, Sapporo
  5. Waseda University, Tokyo — One semester program is NOT suitable to Bates’ schedule now.
    Scott Peak ’02
  6. Others
    Jodie Cleark ’06, Tucker Herding, Greg Stoddard ’98

Bates Fall Semester in Japan
Since 1987 Bates has run a fall semester program (FSA) in Tokyo on a biannual basis. Unlike the JYA program, the FSA Program is available to all students, including entering ones. The program is held in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture now.

Summer Language Programs

  1. Princeton in Ishikawa (PII), JAPAN, by Princeton University
    This is the eight-week intensive Japanese language program, offering intermediate and advance Japanese courses in Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Japan. The participants will stay in a Japanese family as a home stay. If you are serious student of Japanese, the NSK program offers you an excellent opportunity to enhance your language skills and understanding of Japanese culture while enabling you to serve as a good will ambassador to Japan. (Highly competitive — you should get A in your JPN classes.)
    Chris Theile ’07,
    Soo Yeun Kim ’98,
    Kevin Finn ’97
  2. Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF), in Hakodate, Hokkaido
    Emily Moody ’11, Paul Hartman “11
    Mimi Poon ’98,
    Susan Clapp ’94
  3. SCJ (The Summer Courses in Japanese) at International Christian University in Mitaka, Tokyo
    This is an intensive six-week program. SCJ aims to provide a stimulating environment in which students may increase their understanding of the Japanese language and culture. Courses vary from the beginning to the advance levels. You have a choice in terms of housing: 1) ICU dormitory, 2) apartment, and 3) local home stays.
  4. Summer Courses at Middleburry College, Vermont : Summer 09
    Kaitlyn McCkeny ’06
    Tab Ormsby ’03
    Sarah Minton in ’96
  5. Waseda/Oregon Summer Programa, Tokyo
  6. Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone (near Kyoto)
    Chris Holmes ’96
  7. Doshisha University Summer Session (This is too short, so you are strongly recommended to take a fall program as well.)
  8. Others
    Anna Louise England ’93, Summer course at Gujo-Hachiman in Gifu, summer 91

**NOTE: (1) Please talk with your teacher about programs after you read about the programs.
(2) UCLA has some information.
(3) Please submit an application form at the Dean Sawyer’s Office in Lane Hall. The office has the home page, “Asia Programs.”