Budget Committee

6 students

Budget Committee Guidelines

The roles of this committee is to responsibly manages the Student Activities Fund, disburse funds from the Student-Government Co-sponsorship, audit clubs sponsored by the Student Government, and approve budgets of recognized Student Government Clubs.

Student Committee on Committees

6 students

The responsibilities of this committee is to appoint students to Student and Student/Faculty committees.

Elections and Judiciary Committee 

6 students

The role of this committee is conduct elections run by the Student Government and hold investigations pertaining to an officers impeachment or removal.  The Elections and Judiciary Committee, being the keepers of the Constitution and Bylaws, can review, update (pending approval by the Assembly), and interpret the Constitution and other BCSG laws.

Organizational Review Board

6 students

This committee is responsible for the approval of student clubs, and acts as a liaison between Student Government and recognized student clubs.

Publicity Committee

7 students and Webmaster

The role of this committee is publicize all Student Government functions, and report all passed legislation and action.