Assembly members serve to represent the interests of the class year they were elected to serve. There are four assembly members per class year. Have a concern or comment about Bates that you want student government to look into or take care of? Contact your assembly members or submit to the feedback form!

Class of 2019 Assembly Members

Dylan Metsch-Ampel

Name: Dylan Metsch-Ampel- 

Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey

Why I ran: BCSG is a great opportunity to implement lasting change with an incredible group of students for an incredible group of students.

Fun fact: My life goal is to one day become Pumpkin Pooba at the annual Caldwell family pumpkin party.

Brandon Galloway

Ian Wax

Name: Ian Wax-

Hometown: Briarcliff Manor, NY

Why I ran: I wanted to help implement change and felt I could have an impact on the school beyond my time at Bates.
Fun fact: I did part of the Camino de Santiago.

Aliza White

Name: Aliza White- 

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Why I ran: I ran for student government because I wanted to get more involved in the Bates community during my senior year.

Fun Fact: I was a backup dancer for Miley Cyrus once.

Class of 2020 Assembly Members

Nick Eaton

Name: Nick Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon Why I ran: I ran for student government because there were things about Bates that I wasn’t happy with and I wanted to make my voice heard to make a change. Fun fact: I have a petsitting business in Oregon that I run remotely from Bates during the school year.

Sam Cruickshank

Name: Sam Cruickshank- scruicks@bates.eduHometown: Needham, MA Why I ran:  I ran for student government because I wanted to be a representative of the community that I have a privilege of being a part of here at Bates. Fun fact: Favorite station in commons is by far the soft serve ice cream machine.

Ryan Lizanecz

Name: Ryan Lizanecz- Hometown: Portland, Maine Why I ran: I ran for student government to be a voice for those who felt like they did not have a voice, or equal voice, on our campus. Fun fact: I sing a cappella with the Deansmen!

Julia Panepinto

Name: Julia Panepinto – Hometown: Buffalo, New York Why I ran: I ran for student government to provide an avenue for students in my grade with complaints to have their voices heard. When people have ideas for change I do my best to make it happen with the help of student government. Fun Fact: I am a competitive weightlifter.

Class of 2021 Assembly Members

Emily Bass

Name: Emily

Perla Figuereo

Name: Perla

Kyle Larry

Name: Kyle

Lebanos Mengistu

Name: Lebanos 

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Why I ran: I  chose to be on student government because I am very passionate about the direction in which our school goes in and I wanted to be involved in the decision making of that while representing the class of 2021. In addition, I have always been very interested in politics and government and I thought this was a great way to learn more about that.

Fun Facts: My junior year of high school I did a semester abroad program in Washington D.C at a school called The School for Ethics and Global Leadership. Also, I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and lived there until I was four then moved to Somerville, MA where I have been living ever since.

Class of 2022 Assembly Members

Updates coming soon!