Campaigning Rules

The BCSG Committee Selection Board (CSB) maintains standards for participation in elections. Please find below campaigning rules for those running for student government positions. Failure to adhere to the campaigning rules may result in disqualification.

Candidate Behavior

  • Candidates must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Candidates are representatives of Bates students to the Bates and Lewiston-Auburn communities. As a potential student body leader, they should be mindful of the intended and potential impact of their actions and behaviors on our communities. 
  • Candidates should be respectful of fellow candidates and each candidate will be held accountable for their actions; please refer to the Violations and Disqualification section for more details.
  • Candidates are prohibited from tampering with other candidates’ print or digital campaign materials. This includes but is not limited to defacing, removing, or blocking posted flyers, making memes out of publications, mock posting on social media, editing published materials, etc.  
  • Candidates may not have individuals other than their running mate (if applicable) create original campaign materials or host campaign events on their behalf (including, for example, tabling in Commons).

Campaign Obligations

  • Candidates must attend all official campaign events relevant to the position they are running for.
    • If a candidate cannot attend they must notify in advance of the event, and send a proxy to represent them.
    • Failure of a candidate or their proxy to attend an official event will cancel the candidate’s ticket.

Campaigning Methods

  • Posters, stickers, and flyers are permitted.
    • Candidates should only post print materials on campus bulletin boards.
    • Candidates may not post print materials on other areas including, but not limited to: doors, bathroom stall doors, walls, stairwells, etc.
  • Candidates may not distribute food items.
  • Candidates may not spend more than $30 on campaigning materials.
    • Candidates may be reimbursed by emailing a copy of their purchase receipt(s) to
    • When using Post & Print (by emailing to produce campaign materials, please CC to arrange payment.
  • Candidates may not solicit donations or fundraising to support their campaign.
  • Candidates may not sell merchandise, food items, or services to support their campaign.
  • Social media campaigning is encouraged due to both accessibility as well as its lower impact on the environment versus print campaigning.
    • Candidates must refer to the Campus Life Social Media Policy when creating their campaign platforms.
    • Candidates will be required to report their platform names to CSB
    • Social media campaigning may only be done through these accounts 
  • Candidates may not campaign through listservs or Google Groups unless they are running for Class Representative, in which case they may email their class year’s corresponding listserv below:
  • Campaigning through Bates Today and the campus feed on Bates Engage Mobile is permitted.

Campaign Content and Collegiality

  • Candidates are prohibited from targeting another candidate’s campaign in their print and digital campaign materials. 
  • Campaign materials should challenge ideas, not people.

Violations and Disqualification

  • Individuals wishing to report violations of these campaigning rules may fill out this form. CSB will review and investigate submissions to this form and may or may not take action depending on its findings.  
  • Any violation of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action, up to and including disqualification. CSB takes its responsibility to hold fair and transparent elections seriously. It does not take disqualification lightly.
  • Depending on the nature of the violation (e.g., situations where it appears the Code of Student Conduct may have been violated), individuals may also be referred to Student Conduct & Community Standards Disciplinary Processes.