Fall 2019 Candidates

The following candidates are running for the position of Class Representative. Three individuals will be elected from each class year.

  • Class representatives vote, debate, and advocate for the interests of the entire student body. 
  • They are required to attend assembly and committee meetings to which they are assigned to. 
  • Most importantly, they serve to represent the interests of their class year.
  • Class representatives are assigned internal committees based on interest and need.

The following candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Class of 2023 Candidates

Grace Biddle

I am running to be a first year representative because I will welcome each and everyone of my peers interests and concerns for what should be valued in our community. As both a varsity athlete (field hockey), and musician (trumpet and choral), I feel as though I can understand the many different interests of a Bates student. Working without bias and trying to advocate for all people, I would do my very best to represent such a diverse and special class. If elected, I will bring to discussion every and all subjects my peers bring forth to me. I believe every person’s voice should be heard, whether I agree with it or not. I urge you to consider me for one of your class representatives and to vote, “Biddle 4 Bates”.

Jasmine Chen

To the Bates Student Body and Class of 2023,

Do you want your voices to be heard? Do you want to solve conflicting issues on campus and stand together as the Class of 2023 as one? Hi. I’m Jasmine Chen and I’m running as your Representative for the Class of 2023.

As a first year having only been at Bates for a few weeks, I can’t make overnight promises to changes that are going to break. But I believe in serving as a catalyst for whose voices are unrecognized. I want to mend the social constructs at Bates, providing an inclusive community where opinions are shared, thus bringing it forth to faculties and departments.

Truthfully speaking, I feel as if I’m less qualified than other candidates. I never held a leadership position before in student government but one thing I will promise is to put my best foot forward. I will advocate for each and everyone’s views and represent each and every one of you equally, ranging from different cultural perspectives and social opinions.

I WILL be your representative in bringing forth issues and I WILL be your representative in accommodating to the diverse range of opinions. I WILL oversee the policies at Bates affecting students and accommodate to each and everyone’s needs.

As your Class Representative, I WILL provide an inclusive community.

Your interests are my interests! Without knowing where YOUR VOICE is, I will be YOUR ADVOCATE!

Imti Hassan

My name is Imti Hassan and I’m a current freshman from Portland, Maine. You may have seen me around campus with a big goofy smile on her face, I love to spread positivity and kindness wherever I go. As you may have already known, I am running to be the class of 2023’s representative for the Student Government. I have experience in organizing events, gathering people together and facilitation skills as well. My values are to use compassion to bring everyone together, to persevere and to most of all listen. I’m a determined person, I work hard in everything I do. If I am elected as your representative, I want to give you a promise. I promise to listen, I promise to reach out to you and hear what you have to say. I promise to make a better community for us all. It frustrates me when others shut other people’s ideas down, but I promise you I will be someone who will listen to your concerns and take them with me. I want to hear any amazing ideas that come from the student body. For every plan I create, I’m certain that I will carry it out. Once again my name is Imti Hassan and I will strive to make a better community for us all.

Rishi Madnani

Yo, Bates Class of 2023! I’m running to be your class representative because in the past few weeks, I have come to get to know and love so many of you, and I want to make positive change in the community to improve the lives of students. What I can promise is that I will always speak the truth— and not just mine; I will represent all people no matter their identity or background, and I will always invite my class members to share their ideas with me or even tell me I’m doing a terrible job! If we haven’t met yet, please come up and introduce yourself! Specifically, I want to push for increased support of students’ mental health, improved relations between students and Bates Security as well as Lewiston police, better understanding between students and resources like “EMS” to promote safety and avoid a stigmatized culture, and more inclusive programs for all students and their unique experiences. In addition I will also advocate for simple things as many of you wish, like better temperature control in buildings (totally wack sometimes) and food options in Commons that are better suited to all diets but still taste good! I served as Executive Officer of Student Council in my high school, and am prepared to work effectively with students and administration to bring about change. DM me @rish.dog on IG or just come talk to me if you have any questions/concerns. Let’s work together to spread love and make Bates a better place! ❤️

India McNeill
Growing up, I felt as if because of my age and race that I could not speak up and my voice was not heard. I am running for class of 2023 representative because I want to be the voice for my class. I want to promote connections between us students and the administration. As first-years I know, at times we can feel as if we are being overlooked, and I want to ensure that we are heard and represented. If I was elected as a class representative, I will lead with integrity and respect. With this being our first year at college and for some of us away from home, I want to foster a positive experience for us all. Not only is Bates our new home but so are the Lewiston-Auburn communities, and I want to continue to build these connections with our new community. These next four years should be some of the most enjoyable years of our life and I want to ensure a positive promising future for us all. If I am elected I can guarantee that I will make it my mission that everyone’s voice is heard in some way and I will be a devoted class leader/representative. Together we can be the change needed at Bates College; the possibilities are endless. Vote for India as representative class of 2023!

Katherine Merisotis

Hello my name is Katherine Merisotis and I am a first year student. I grew up in Coventry, Connecticut where I went to a small high school and participate in a variety of clubs including playing varsity sports as well as being on student government. I was the secretary of my class for all four years as well as for my National Honor Society where I organized fundraising events. During the summer I work as a camp counselor in my hometown where I take care of children from age five to twelve and I plan different activities to keep them occupied. I was also the only captain of my varsity softball team where I was able to be a leader and a role model for the underclassman to look up to and ask questions. I would like to continue work for children who suffer from pediatric cancer, this is something that is near to my heart. In my hometown my neighbor started PJ Day where everyone pledges one dollar to wear PJs for the day in support of all the children who stay in their pajamas during their time in the hospitals. I would love to bring this tradition we have from my hometown to Bates as well as the Lewiston Community. I am very passionate about being the representative for the class of 2023 and would love to hear more of your ideas that we can make Bates College the best place for our four years here.

Annika Mirchandani

I am running for the position as a Class of 2023 representative because, although I have only been on this campus for a little bit less than a month, I feel as if I would be able to represent the best interest of my class year and advocate for my peers appropriately. I was involved in student government and held various leadership positions within my high school, and although college is entirely different, I am eager and willing to learn how to channel my voice into a positive force for our class. I know that student government requires a lot of time, which I am wholly willing to commit myself to, but I would look forward to learning about the abilities that we have as part of the Bates community if I were to be elected. I am incredibly interested in becoming involved in the Lewiston community, which I understand is a large part of what student government does, and my previous community engagement in my hometown has given me a great foundation that I would love to continue to use here at Bates. I can’t wait to take part in helping the Bates community maintain its wonderful atmosphere, while also helping it work towards continuous positive growth.

Kush Sharma

Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
As your student representative, I hope to enact the change we, as a class, want to see at Bates.
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kush Sharma and I am a first year student running to be the class representative for the class of 2023.
Now, why me? Being an international student from a middle-class family in India, I wish to represent those who are under-represented in our community to the best of my abilities. I will make a constant effort to ensure our community continues to be a place of equal opportunities for everyone.
I am incredibly excited to continue individually connecting with many students from our first year class in order to fully understand how I can represent us on a larger, school-wide scale and act as a bridge between the school administration and our class.
During high school I served on the student government, and with the experience I have acquired over the years I feel well-equipped to serve the Bates community and am very passionate about continuing my involvement with student representation.
As your student representative, I will represent our class in all the affairs that we as a class believe in. I am not simply aiming high but I believe together we can soar high.
Vote for Kush. Joint effort for high rewards.

Class of 2022 Candidates

Losseni Barry

I view this position as an opportunity to pursue social reform on Bates campus and establish a relationship with the Lewiston community. I am humbled to be a student at Bates because of the values on which we stand on and the community in which we are centered in. I feel obligated to serve my community and provide a voice to the Student Body. I want to be liaison between the students and the administration. As a class representative, I would collaborate with my peers to provide a voice and opportunities to students, reduce food waste on campus, establish better relationships between students with security, and to make our college more equitable. But most importantly, I wish to make an impact on the social, personal, and communal levels within Lewiston.

Jacob DiMartini

I am running because I am already involved in Student Government as part of a committee and I am hoping to extend that role into something greater. I plan to run polls for what people want the most so that our newly structured government can pursue things that are legitimately favored by the students.

Sobie Sobolewski

Hello, fellow Batesies! My name is Robert Sobolewski, but everyone calls me Sobie. Everyone who knows me well knows I love, love, love Bates, and my hope is to become an even more integral aspect of the very community that has done so much for me.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Almost everyone at Bates loves it. Why is Sobie any different?” Here are my three short reasons to convince you:

1) I will make myself available to you, my classmates, always. My goal is to maintain at atmosphere of inclusivity at Bates, and the first step in doing so is by listening to any valuable insight you have.

2) I will work with Commons to promote better food and nutrition options with athletes. Being a rower, I consume boatloads of food after each practice (pun intended 😉). However, I feel there are some areas that need improvement (e.g. Low-fat chocolate milk dispensers? Let’s get some high-fat chocolate milk dispensers for those post-practice gains).

3) I will work with Lewiston-Auburn eating establishments in promoting their discount deals with Bates students or creating a discount deal in some cases. Our home has some phenomenal eateries, and their employees love Bates students. By encouraging Bates students to eat out, we can help restore our reputation around the Lewiston-Auburn area.

This is what I have to offer to you. Let’s keep Bates great and take care of our home.

Sobie Sobolewski

Mark Su

Wellbeing: Host sessions teaching students and faculty signs of mental illnesses – helping yourself and others in need.

Accessibility: Changing gym hours to give students better access (Davis + Gray).

Transparency: Every semester, host a semi-formal dinner and invite students to eat with the Student Government. Good food supplements great conversations about security, freedom of speech on campus, safe drinking culture, etc.. Help students get involved with the student government without having to come to weekly Wednesday meetings.

Safety: Have sexual assault prevention fliers in the restroom listing resources students can use.

Fun fact about me: I wake up at 5:30 every morning.

Class of 2021 Candidates

Perla Figuereo
Hi everyone! My name is Perla and I am running for Class Representative again! I have been your class representative for the last two years, and I would love to continue representing you all. I am excited for the new change that Bates Student Government is implementing because this would mean that BCSG caters to you all and to the community around us. If part of this team, I would love to continue to bring to light issues that you all feel like need to be addressed, and to be a mediator between the student body and administration.

William Hibbitts

I have been a grassroots political activist since I was 16. That work taught me about popular power and the importance of being politically engaged in order to make change. If elected, I will bring the same resolute spirit to my tasks as a Student Government assembly member. I am running because I want to return this institution to its egalitarian founding principles. Today, tuition at Bates is more than what the average American household makes in a year, and the administration’s activities are a mystery to the student body. As a representative, my primary duty would be to listen to you. Alongside fighting to stop tuition hikes, to keep security accountable, to reform the parking system, and to improve our technology, I will do my utmost to bring all student concerns to the attention of the assembly and the administration. This would include keeping in constant contact with all of you online and in-person. I pledge to take the role of representative seriously and to unceasingly fight for what we as a student body want to improve on our campus. A victory for me would send a clear signal to the administration that we as students want to see substantial change at Bates College. I will be a partner to you as a representative, working with you to build a better Bates.

Alya Yousuf
Coming to Bates, I was expecting to be in a safe, diverse, and collaborative environment. Being here for over 2 years now, I have noticed several things about Bates that I wish to change. Starting from the outrageous tuition hikes, the failure to be transparent about where Bates money goes and the clever book-buy-back policy, Bates is operating more as a business than a college. In addition, Bates prides itself on creating an educated, well-rounded individual. Yet, I fail to see the topics of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality being brought up in the STEM realm. Every student deserves to not only feel safe, but to feel accepted and free to express oneself regardless of their environment. I believe Bates could accomplish much more to ensure this. I am running for student government representative of the junior class because I hope to be the voice that speaks up against these issues, as well as the voice that helps project your issues. As a class representative, I will ensure that these issues are no longer overlooked because they don’t affect the majority.

Class of 2020 Candidates

Julia Panepinto

Vote Panepinto.