Housing Tour

280 College Street
All Classes

Chase House
Eco-Justice Theme House

Cheney House

Clason House
Healthy Living, All First Year

Frye House
Health and Fitness Theme House

Herrick House
All Male

Howard House
Last Homely House Theme House

Milliken House
All First Year

Moody, Rzasa & Hopkins
Suites in Moody House, Rzasa House and Arthur P. Hopkins House

Nash House
Umami Theme House

Page Hall
All Classes

Parker Hall
All Classes

Parsons House
Bridging Communities Theme House

Pierce House
Arts Theme House

Smith Hall
All First-year Quads

Stillman House
All Female

Turner House

Webb House
Experiencing Music Through Culture Theme House

Wentworth Adams Hall
Upper-class Quiet/Study

Whittier House

Wood Street House
Healthy Living