Update on developments regarding assault

Members of the Campus Community,

We have received no new information since April 10 regarding the investigation of the sexual assault that occurred on campus, April 5.

The local authorities continue their investigation and the College is cooperating in providing whatever assistance they require. The police have made it clear that they are not, in advance, ruling out any set of possible suspects. Persons from the Bates community, as well as persons from the larger community, or afar, may become suspects if the police investigation points in that direction.

To support the investigation, and to extend support to our student who was attacked, the College has joined with the family in assisting the work of “Crime Stoppers,” a national organization with an office in Aroostook County, Maine. With their assistance, the announcement of a reward and hot-line for anonymous tips is appearing in the Portland and Lewiston papers; handbills will also be posted on and near campus.

Our immediate aims remain to assist in finding the perpetrator and supporting the victim of this attack. Thank you.

Donald W. Harward

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