Maine Sunday Telegram notes great appetite for Bates Dance Festival offerings

Maine Sunday Telegram arts reporter Bob Keyes opens his preview of the 2010 Bates Dance Festival by noting that the 2009 edition “had its best year in terms of attendance at its public performances.” Laura Faure, who directs the six-week festival, explains the uptick: “I think people are staying close to home and not traveling as much, and they’re looking for things to do,” she says. The more audiences watch and learn, she says, the greater their appetite is for dance. Noted dancer Doug Varone tells Keyes that “people from all over the world come to Bates. The creative atmosphere…is pretty remarkable and pretty unique. It’s a supportive atmosphere that is completely nonjudgmental. There is feedback if you want it, and if not, you create from a place that feels as if it gives you breathing room.” View story from the Maine Sunday Telegram, July 4, 2010.

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