Main Line Times includes letter on immigration reform by Pasek '12

In his hometown paper, the Main Line Times, Michael Pasek ’12 of Ardmore, Pa., comments on a public opinion poll suggesting that the public supports Arizona’s new immigration law and opposes the federal government’s suit against Arizona. “But what are people really in favor of?” Pasek writes. “The Constitution is a shield against popular opinion, a safeguard ensuring that no simple majority can overturn the institutional structure of our government.” That concept is “misunderstood,” Pasek continues. What the public actually favors in this instance is not Arizona over the U.S. but that immigration needs more regulation. “Luckily for the majority who are in favor of tightening border security, the same federal government suing Arizona is also advancing comprehensive immigration reform that will do just that. The lawsuit filed on behalf of the Obama administration is meant to protect the federal government’s ability to ensure consistent immigration policy across all states. It is not meant to support illegal immigration.” View letter in the Main Line Times, July 27, 2010.

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