Boston Globe feature on ideal body types quotes Men's Health editor Peter Moore '78

A Boston Globe feature story examining how ideal male and female body types have changed over the last century quotes Men’s Health editor Peter Moore ’78. Among men, the trend is toward core strengthening exercises over “bulging biceps,” according to reporter Christopher Muther, who notes that “experts agree that physical ideals change faster now than ever before, although some standards continue to resonate with fitness buffs. [Moore] says readers are still writing in to find out how Brad Pitt achieved his Fight Club six pack in 1999.” Adds Moore, “We also get requests for Jason Statham and Ryan Reynolds’ workout routines. Currently, our guys want to look like Georges St. Pierre, the UFC fighter. He has a great body, but it’s not the over-inflated Arnold Schwarzenegger look. That super-jacked look is not a natural one, and it’s not even comfortable to be that guy.” View story and video from The Boston Globe, Jan. 20, 2011.

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