Some Possible Careers for Students with a Background in Sociology

The methods and substantive areas of sociology provide an excellent background for a broad range of careers in fields such as government, public policy, law, social research, community work, social activism, health care administration, human services, social work, counseling, education, business, personnel, advertising and market research, as well as a strong foundation for graduate study in sociology and a variety of applied or related areas (including law school; social work; public health; business school; public policy and public administration programs; urban and community planning; health care administration; education; survey research administration; and journalism school).

Perhaps the most useful way to get a sense of the wide range of careers and types of graduate study for which sociology provides relevant background is to look at examples of what past sociology majors at Bates have gone on to do for a living. In order to highlight both entry-level careers and longer-term possibilities, the list includes separate examples from recent graduates (within the last 5 years or so) and earlier graduates. These occupations, in various ways, draw on both the substantive social issues addressed by sociology and the research and analysis skills developed by sociology majors.