The major in sociology is designed to provide a strong foundation in the methods, theories, and substantive areas of the discipline, while also allowing students to emphasize topics and approaches of particular interest to them.

The major requires at least 10.5 credits (note that a Short Term course counts as a .5 credit: a regular semester course counts as 1 credit): one course in social theory and one course in sociological research methods (Soc. 204 and 205); seven electives in sociology, at least two of which must be at the 300-level; the senior capstone seminar (Soc. 405); and a senior thesis (Soc. 457 in Fall or Soc. 458 in Winter). For one of the seven electives, students may take an independent study course (Soc. 360) – but that may not count as one of the 300-level electives.