Publications and Presentations

Our Sociology majors are an exciting, diverse, and engaged set of students. Here, we feature some of their work and interests. We routinely update this page. So, do come back from time to time to learn about them.

We began this post in November 2021. Come back regularly for updates!

Publications and Presentations

Over the years, our majors have published their research in a variety of social scientific journals. These have often been in close collaboration with the department’s faculty.  Here are some recent examples:

Hermione Zhou (’22) in Territory, Politics, and Governance. 

Madeline Clark (’20) in Criminal Justice Review.

Dylan Carson (’18) in International Sociology.

Reed Mszar (’18) in American Journal of Health Promotion.

Brynn Wendell (’16) in European Journal of Criminology.

Quincy Snellings (’15) in Journal of Criminal Justice.