Our Majors

Our Sociology majors are an exciting, diverse, and engaged set of students. Here, we feature some of their work and interests. We routinely update this page. So, do come back from time to time to learn about them.

We began this post in November 2021. Come back regularly for updates!


Publications and Presentations

Over the years, our majors have published their research work in a variety of social scientific journals. These have often been in close collaboration with the department’s faculty.  Here are some recent examples:

Hermione Zhou (’22) in Territory, Politics, and Governance. 

Madeline Clark (’20) in Criminal Justice Review.

Dylan Carson (’18) in International Sociology.

Reed Mszar (’18) in American Journal of Health Promotion.

Brynn Wendell (’16) in European Journal of Criminology.

Quincy Snellings (’15) in Journal of Criminal Justice.


Projects and Activities

Bates Sociology majors actively apply their interests and skills in a variety of setting – locally, nationally, and internationally. We selected a few examples below.

Emma Block (’21) has worked as a Community-Engaged Research Fellow at the Harward Center. In that role, she has collaborated with the Maine Prisoner Re-Entry Network (MPRN). To learn more about her work there, follow this link.

Jack Lawrence (’24)  has partnered with the Resource Development Department of Community Concepts Inc. (CCI), a Lewiston-run Community Action Program which provides housing, economic development, and social services to in-need residents of Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford counties. The work was done through the Harward Center. To learn more about Jack’s project, follow this link.


Why I Am a Sociology Major

What prompted our majors to choose Sociology? Here are a few answers:

“I became a sociology major to sate my own curiosity about society. Growing up, I was the child who always questions rules and norms surrounding gender, culture, race, and ethnicity. So, when I found out there was such a thing as a ‘sociologist’ – whose job it is to examine these constructs  – I knew Sociology was the right major for me.”

Nana Baffoe (’22); Hometown: Accra, Ghana


“I am a sociology major because I am naturally curious about the social world and concerned about the inequities within it. Sociology helps to not only provide answers to these questions but also gives me a lens to help understand how such inequities have come to be and to learn about the various strategies which can address them.”

Ronan Goulden (’22); Hometown: Lagunitas, California


I chose to major in sociology because there are so many different areas to explore within the subject field. I’ve taken courses about social inclusion, contemporary social problems, global institutions, the rise of populism, and next semester I’m incredibly excited to be taking a class about global health. Studying these various phenomena through a sociological lenses has really developed my critical thinking and analytical skills. In addition, I chose sociology because of the amazing professors in the department — I cherish the relationships I’ve built with them and everything I’ve learned by being their student.”

Courtney Gray (’22); Hometown: Belmont, Massachusetts 


“I chose to become a sociology major because of its multifaceted applications to our everyday lives. Sociology as a discipline allows me to interrogate the ways we interact as humans, and how the structures embedded in our lives shape those interactions. This interrogation allows me to envision a society that works better for everyone, and has helped me to question my previous beliefs about inequality.”

Caroline Cassell (’24); Hometown: Woodstock, Vermont