The Myhrman / Swett Award Recipients

Awarded to graduating Sociology majors for the theses deemed most outstanding by the faculty members of the Department of Sociology. Established by Richard Swett in honor of his parents, Robert B. Swett, Class of 1933, and Muriel Beckman Swett, Class of 1930; his aunt, Mildred Beckman Myhrman, Class of 1930; and his uncle, Anders Myhrman.

2022:     Emma Block, Eben Cook, Xiaoqing (Hermione) Zhou

2021:     Layla Dozier,  Lily Edelman-Gold, Anah Witt

2020:     Margaret Barton and Madeline Clark

2019:     Kathleen Stone and Abigail Westberry

2018:     Reed G. Mszar and Lisa I. Slivken

2017:     Sofia Gnabasik and Alicia Rabideau

2016:     Katrina Buchta and Leah Humes

2015:     Elena Jay and Quincy Snellings

2014:     Molly Huffaker

2013:     Jennifer Brallier and Ellen Schneider

2012:     Jordan Conwell

2011:     Emma Posner and Christina Schnurr

2010:     Jared Bok and Rachel Eades

2009:     Sadie White

2008:     Ariel Childs and Lauren Pluchino

2007:     Bridget Harr and Kelly Turpin

2006:     Ashley Wentworth

2005:     Laura Gross and Andrea Hopkins

2004:     Elizabeth Jackson and Heather Tompkins

2003:     Kelsey Evans and Abigail Newcomer

2002:     Maura Kelly and Katie McElhinney