“Fits and Starts”

Conversations with Faculty about Scholarship and Creativity

Co-sponsored by Ladd Library, these informal talks allow faculty to discuss their intellectual and creative endeavors, focusing particularly on a work in progress (or work recently completed).  These conversations might illuminate the struggles and successes of the project, explain how ideas were refined and tested, note how texts or performances took shape, and explore how collaboration with–and feedback from–others informed the work.

 WINTER 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 4:10—Ladd Library 148

Melinda Plastas (Women and Gender Studies)
“Tobacco Matters: Thinking about Tobacco in the New Millennium”



Thursday, January 31, 12:10—Ladd Library 148

Rachel Boggia (Dance), Carol Dilley (Dance), & Michael Reidy (Theatre)
“Process, Performance, Pedagogy”

Wednesday, February 27, 4:10 to 5:00—Ladd Library 148

Dennis Browne (Russian), Jane Costlow (Environmental Studies), & Jakub Kazecki (German)
“The Border Visions Book Project: From Idea for a Conference to Submitting a Manuscript”

FALL 2012

Thursday, November 1, 4:15—Ladd Library

Rania Kassab al-Sweis (Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology)
“How I Write: Reflections on ‘Saving Egypt’s Village Girls’From Fieldnotes to Publication”

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