About Us

Director: Lindsey Hamilton, PhD

Dr. Hamilton is a Bates alumnus (Class of 2005) who is thrilled to return to campus. She is an experienced neuroscientist and educator who has championed the use of evidence-based inclusive pedagogical practices to help students learn, persist, succeed, and ultimately thrive. 

Areas of expertise: metacognition and reflective practice, the science of teaching and learning, inclusive pedagogy for equitable learning, assessment

Assistant Director: Anna (Wells) Piotti Castonguay, PhD.

Dr. Wells Castonguay (they/she) is a language pedagogy expert and has experience as a diversity, equity, and inclusion instructional consultant. Their research is rooted in the classroom, designing pedagogical materials to nurture powerful learning and helping instructors integrate social justice pedagogy into their instructional practice. 

Areas of expertise: language learning, anti-racist and social justice pedagogy, universal design for learning
Castonguay, Wells


Assistant Director, Center for Inclusive Teaching & Learning
Dean of the Faculty's Office
Dana Hall, Room 219

(Theophil Syslo | Bates College)

Faculty Fellow: Erica Rand, PhD (Winter-Fall 2023)

Dr. Rand, our inaugural Faculty Fellow, is Professor of Art and Visual Culture and of Gender and Sexuality Studies at Bates College, teaching courses on race, sexuality, and gender with a focus in queer and trans studies. She is the author of Barbie’s Queer AccessoriesThe Ellis Island Snow GlobeRed Nails Black Skates: Gender, Cash, and Pleasure On and Off the Iceand The Small Book of Hip Checks On Queer Gender, Race, and Writing.

Fellowship: Dr. Rand is exploring pedagogical opportunities to recognize, consider, and dislodge gender binarisms in teaching and learning. She is thinking about practices and content: presumptions about people in the classroom; research habits and knowledge bases; and, perhaps, most abstractly, the logics of binary thinking (compare/contrast; heroes and villains; centers and margins).

Faculty Fellow: Stephanie Kelley-Romano, PhD (Fall 2023-Winter 2024)

Dr. Kelley-Romano, a former Kroepsch Awardee for Teaching Excellence, is a Professor of Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies, teaching a wide variety of courses including introduction to rhetoric, television criticism, the rhetoric of alien abduction, conspiracy rhetoric, the rhetoric of women’s rights, and presidential campaign rhetoric. Some of her recent scholarly work includes:  “Memory Distortion in a Social Judgment Paradigm: People who Report Contact with Aliens are More Susceptible,”  in The Reliability of UFO Witnesses (2023); “Women of ‘Dignity and Grace’: Politics of Respectability in Alcoholics Anonymous,” (2022); “Engaging Crisis: Immersive, Interdisciplinary Learning in Mathematics and Rhetoric,” (2019); and “Make America Hate Again: Donald Trump and the Birther Conspiracy,” (2019).

Fellowship: Dr. Kelley-Romano will be documenting decoloniality work in her “What is Rhetoric?” course. This course, which explores the tradition of argument/thinking in Western thought, is a staple of the rhetoric department. Being committed to interrogating power and privilege, de-centering whiteness, and finding ways to expand practices of inclusivity and equity, Dr. Kelley-Romano will create a guide for other faculty that wish to engage in decoloniality work with their syllabi.

Staff Fellow: Shauna’h Fuegen

Shauna’h Feugen is a Senior Academic Technology Consultant and
Manager of the Language Resource Center as part of the Curricular and Research Computing (CRC) team. She is our inaugural Staff Fellow.

Areas of expertise: teaching and learning technology, Lyceum, course design, instructional design

Administrative Assistant: Jeanne Beliveau

Jeanne Beliveau supports CITL by maintaining our website, advertising our events, keeping track of our programming, and helping Lindsey and Wells with all sorts of things, like purchasing the mini fridge in CITL’s faculty and staff lounge and the drinks to fill it. Stop by Hedge Hall to chat with her about the work she does at CITL.
Beliveau, Jeanne L.
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Academic Administrative Assistant 
Academic Support Services 
Hedge Hall, Room G04A