Senior Thesis Resources

Senior thesis writers are some of our favorite students to meet with!  Take advantage of one-on-one visits with Writing Specialists, workshops for every stage of the thesis process, and the ever-popular Thesis Cafe on Friday mornings.

Writing Specialists

Make appointments with a Writing Specialist early and often throughout your thesis process. To set up an appointment—or a series of meetings—contact the Writing Specialist in your area by email:

HUMANITIES: Lauren Vedal,
SCIENCES: Louise Brogan,
(If you’re not certain where your work might best fit, fill out our appointment form located here.)

Fall 2014 Workshops

Meet with a Writing Specialist and other thesis-writers for workshops at the beginning, middle, and near-the-end of your thesis adventure.

Getting Started
Monday, September 15, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

What are all the tasks involved in writing a thesis?  How will you get them all done?  Learn what goes into writing a thesis and some strategies for staying organized and motivated.

The Lit Review
Wednesday, October 8, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

What should you include? How should you organize the material? How do you incorporate your own ideas while demonstrating your knowledge of the field?

Planning the End Game
Thursday, November 13, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

You’ve conducted research, written notes, even drafted some parts of the thesis…and the clock is ticking. Now what? Figuring out how to tie up all the loose threads of thesis can be daunting at this point in the semester.  This workshop provides strategies for fast writing, incorporating new findings, and finishing by deadline.

Thesis Cafe

Every Friday morning, from 9:00 to 12:00, the Writing and Speaking Center in Ladd transforms into the Thesis Cafe–a quiet space for seniors to work on their writing and research while recharging with coffee, chai, and pastries.  Writing Specialist Misty Beck is available for consultations throughout the cafe mornings.