Honors Thesis Resources

Students writing honors theses have support from Writing at Bates in a number of venues, including individual consultations, honors-specific workshops, and Thesis Cafe.  We can guide you from the beginning of the process—writing your honors abstract—to the very end, when you defend your thesis in an oral examination.


Honors students are encouraged to attend any of our workshops on thesis-writing. In collaboration with the Library and the HelpDesk, we also offer sessions tailored to the honors experience and scheduled in sync with the honors calendar of deadlines. Our Winter 2016 Honors Thesis series includes the following:

Coming SOON!


Many honors thesis writers make regular appointments with Writing Specialists throughout the semester; these informal meetings can serve as check-ins, helping you stay on track as your work progresses.  To set up an appointment—or a series of meetings—contact the Writing Specialist in your area by email:

HUMANITIES: Misty Beck, mbeck@bates.edu
SCIENCES and QUANTITATIVE WRITING: Louise Brogan, lbrogan@bates.edu
SOCIAL SCIENCES: Christopher Petrella, , cpetrell@bates.edu
(If you’re not certain where your work might best fit, email us at writing@bates.edu.)


Join other seniors writing thesis each Friday morning, from 9:00 to 12:00 noon, in the Writing and Speaking Center.  Have coffee, chai, and pastries while making use of a quiet space to work with a Writing Specialist on hand for your questions.