Personal Health Record

Keeping track of your health information can be overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had:

-One location to keep one record of all that’s going on with you and your family A way to store and organize all your health records
-A way to share important health information with your doctors
-A place that not only monitors your information, but also finds, then tells you of specific opportunities to improve your health
-And a place that sends you valuable clinical information, helping you prioritize what’s most important for your health?

That place now exists. And it’s online, confidential and always looking out for you.

Introducing your private and secure Personal Health Record — brought to you by Aetna.

From the moment you log on, you’ll notice your Personal Health Record is up-to-date and organized. In fact, it will already contain a lot of information about you.

Your home page, called the Health Summary page, stores your past and current prescriptions; tests and procedures; immunizations and other important facts about your health that may be valuable to you or your doctors.

How is this possible? When your insurance company receives a claim – like a filled prescription or a lab result – that information is automatically added to your record.

In addition to pre-filled information, you are encouraged to add more medical information that only you would know. In fact, the more information you give, the more you’ll get out of your record by doing so. You can add your:

-family history
-over-the-counter medications
-newly discovered allergies, and
-conditions that you may not see a doctor for, like back pain.

Your record is continuously evaluated by a seasoned team of medical professionals using a sophisticated healthcare technology called the CareEngine® System. The CareEngine checks your information and compares it to medical best practices. It actually scans your information for opportunities to improve care. And if the CareEngine finds something, it notifies you on your alerts page.

Some alerts are more serious than others; while others simply suggest a routine test that hasn’t been conducted. The CareEngine System also looks out for you by communicating critical medical issues directly to your doctor through clinical alerts.

And that’s the beauty of your Personal Health Record. You can now take everything you know, everywhere you go.

Your record constantly works for you, and if it finds something, it tells you.

Finally, you have one place to store your health information – and it’s always at your fingertips.

And if you choose to, you can print out your record and share it with your doctors. Allowing them to see your detailed medical history helps your doctors provide you and your family with the kind of health care you deserve.

Your Personal Health Record: It’s personal.
It’s private.
It’s secure.
It’s intelligent.
It’s brought to you by Aetna.
It’s always looking out for you.
Your Personal Health Record is another way Aetna helps you enhance the quality of your care and make informed decisions about your health.

Click here for a short video about the Personal Health Record