BCSG is kicking off 2014 with a slew of Constitutional Amendments and law ratification!


New EJC Guidelines Draft:
Also, here are a bunch of amendments to the Constitution that I want to bring up in the coming meetings:
Article 1 Section 3: Insert for Amendment: 5. The responsibility to adhere to all current laws, rules, and guidelines of student government.
Article 2 Section 2 Clause 5: Insert: The Parliamentarian will notify the BCSG Faculty Liaison after any Constitutional Amendment
Article 3: Insert for amendment: Section 2:  Any decision made by the powers granted under Article 3, section 1, may be appealed to the Elections and Judiciary Committee.  The Elections and Judiciary Committee may vote to overrule a decision that has been appealed by one of the parties involved in the dispute.  A majority of total membership of the EJC, including the Parliamentarian, is required to overrule any Article 3 decision.
Article 4 Section 3: Change to: At the first RA meeting of every academic year, the RA may overrule all legislation passed and decisions made by STAC by a consenting majority with the exception of the allocation of BCSG funds.
Article 7: Change to: Any person holding an officer position in either branch, Representative Assembly or Executive Council, may not hold any other position, member or officer, in either branch. Committee positions, and the position of Chair of the RA, shall be excluded from this restriction.
Article 8: Get rid of this.
Also, here is an Amendment to the Constitution’s RA attendance rule as prepared by Tomas Jurgensen, Class Rep for 2017:–P2ho-YAuW8O7QsZVHhKkJhRnZGGsk/edit?usp=sharing
Quorum for meetings of the Representative Assembly shall be a majority of members. Members who have submitted a reason for not attending to the Chair of the RA at least 1 hour prior to the set meeting time will not be counted when deciding quorum. If any member accumulates one unexcused absences and two excused absences they automatically forfeit their seat on the RA as to readily meet quorum, except when unusual and compelling circumstances allow for a reasonable exception to be made.
Amendment to Budget Committee Guidelines:
Insert for amendment a Section 6 under Article III:  The Treasurer shall automatically be a student representative on the Budget Finance Advisory Committee, and shall report to the Budget Committee, Executive Council, and RA of all relevant actions or activities of the committee.
Allen Sumrall, BCSG Parliamentarian