Minutes 2/24/14

Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly



In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

February 24, 2014 – 7:00PM | Meeting Room: PGill G65

  1. Announcements

    1. Dean of Students Search Committee

– We can discuss our input on what we can do for our input on a new dean

-There is a lunch on friday with two members from the search firm

-they are coming to campus to get a feel of the student body

-This friday mar. 1 2014.  fish bowl


  1. Ratification of Minutes

  2. Public Participation

  3. Officer Reports

-We are having a moment for what it means to our community for this lost, and it’s ok to be really sand and not sad during an event like this. It’s ok to change your life because of events like this. It great to attend the support events for john because it’s the best way to show support to john and his family. Is there anything that the administration can do to improve services available during events like this. PLEASE email us with any of your concerns. The Deans want to do their best to support their students of their concerns.

    1. Chair (Jacob Barbato ‘15)-

    2. Parliamentarian (Allen Sumrall ‘16)-

    3. Secretary (Cameron Russ ‘14)-

  1. President’s Report

    1. Dealing with loss and tragedy; honoring John Durkin ‘15

    2. NESCAC Student Government Conference

      1. Hosting

-An electronic document will be sent out to host 9 male and 9 female participants.

  1. Participation

-We need a note taker for the events during this conference. get in touch with us if you want to participate in this event.

  1. Committee Reports

    1. Vice President of Student Clubs (Julian Bardin ‘16)-

      1. 2B.E.A.T.S.

-Hip Hop group on campus information session, and hold sessions with the community. Abstained to learn more about voting requirements and membership.

  1. Spanish Club

-Abstained because of membership and voting issues.


*both clubs will send revisions to their constitution

  1. Vice President of Student Committees (Tenzin Namdol ‘15)-

    1. C.O.C. Appointments

-Ratifying COC members

-seated 6: Matthew, Eliza, Fadia, Sarah, Lungshee, Paul

  1. Budget Committee Appointments



All candidates have been ratified.

  1. Treasurer (John Stansel ‘15)-

    1. Cosponsorships


  1. Gospelaires

-Gospelaires are requesting funds for a spring benefit concert by bringing in other Gospel groups

cost $1700 asking for $500

-Voted to fund them for $500

-Invited churches from the lewiston area and the boston area, and it’s their goal to make this a really big event.

-asking for funds for equipment

-Equipment from other clubs within bates are not of the quality  for this event and type of music

-Big deal for bates college and other groups that are participating in this event.

-They want to use this even so others can see these group like an accapella group to bring in more people into the group.

– Not just another event that a group is putting on, this is an even that is being put on, on behalf of the college

– Money was allocated to the Gospelaires for recording last year, but their recording artists is not available for personal reasons.

-This event is more important because it is something that can continue for the following years.

-It’s a benefit concert that will allow us to raise funds and give back to the community

-Want to help with the All Nations church which does a lot of work with refugees.

-A joyous event that will really bring bates together.

-afternoon event 3pm to 5pm. the weekend after gala
-this opportunity will allow them to perform more songs that they have never been able to do in past concerts, which is very meaningful for their group.

-The gospelaires pay stephen saxon to perform with their group and the group sadly doesn’t have the funds to pay stephen for his services, and doesn’t. Well priced



  1. Electronics and Programming Club

-Event squishy  circuits, and turning it into things that will light LED’s

-making two kinds of platos that are either insulate or conduct

-Asking for fund for five motors, and flour and salt

-scaled it down to $175

-15 to thirty people can participate.

-Motors will be able to be used again


  1. Member Reports

    1. President’s Advisory Committee (Audrey Zafirson ‘16)-

-The lewiston police are coming tomorrow for tuesday tea. Come and ask them questions about law enforcement. Want to learn what they are interested in and the police want to learn more about bates students.

-Address the concerns about the page hall breakins at the tuesday tea.

-Great progress has been made on the wi fi survey. Creating a document on information survey. Trying to take the documents obtained from the survey and turn it into a meaningful story. They are trying to prioritize what should be done first.

  1. Old Business

  2. New Business

-Introducing the constitutional amendments

-They are posted on our website under the news website

-post called amendments

-Let us know what you think next week march 4th



Questions for the dean of student search committee

-What do you think are the challenges a new dean will face?

-One of the challenges a new dean might face is criticism

-What qualities will a new dean have?

-Looking for a dean with the same down to earth and patient qualities.

-Important for a new dean to have good opinions about the surrounding community


-What is the priority of the new dean?

-We should see that we have a dean that advocates for a larger co-sponsorship on behalf of our student government

-Maybe a dean that advocates for more funds for the OIE

Email Jake and Alyssa any questions about the search for a new dean.


-the search firm is only here for 30 something hours.

-this lunch was put into place to get more student involvement

  1. Adjournment

Respectfully Submitted,

Jacob A. Barbato ‘15