Minutes 3/3/4

Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly



In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

March 3, 2014 – 7:00PM | Meeting Room: Carnegie 204

  1. Announcements

    1. Dean of Students Search Committee

-Qualities of a future dean of student should look like. Mark harmon, and Lee Wiesenburger,

-15 people on the search committee and two student represenatives.

-Professor Ember is chairing the comittee.

-It’s important to get student feed back

-What are some of the challeneges and opportunites that you think the new dean will face. Bates has one the smallest student activites budget, we need a dean that will work hard and advocate for a new budget. we are 150,000 smaller budget then the next smallest budget. some schools are bunched around 1 million. Ours is stricktly drawn from the opperating budet.

-There doesn’t seem to be a central student activities center on campus, would be nice to have a place for people to go out to on the weekend without having to attend a party. The apathy culture that is around at all NESCAC schools.

-We need to have a dean of students that are willing to be more engaged with the student body.

-We see all the other dean, but we never see the dean of students

-Tedd Gundie is the top dean.

-Visibility important for student, and will really bring the student body together.

-The college is planning on going through significant changes trying to get a sense of student opinions with the decision making

-Look for a dean that is aware and actually interested in the AESOP program.

-Opportunities that he will face

-The access for community engagement could use some help. The main complaint from students is that the access to outreach is centered around certain channels.

-One way to deal with the problem is open up the orientation process into the community. Getting incoming freshman into the community.

-What does the dean of students do?

-Runs the gamut that would involve students outside of the classroom, one of the things with this search is that we can change what is in placed. To have someone that comes in and able to address those issues is important. is something that is need for help. Dean of students is the discipliner as well

-The faculty is looking for a dean that is engaged with the entire community, and  making sure communication is open between different constituency.

-There is not a lot of people that report to the dean of students, but they need to be engaged with all parts of student life, (i.e. dinning, peer writing,).

-Someone who is able to assimilate with bates college, it’s great to have a new perspective, but hold on to certain aspects of Bates that are crucial to the experience.

-Dean of faculty is in charge of academics

-A dean that is entouch with the new generation lifestyle.

-Nice to take classes outside bates would be really nice.

-Anymore questions comments or concern contact alyssa morgosh.

-Bates is not looking into mooks

-Departments are starting to become more open to accepting online courses.

-We want to be more engaged with the dean of students office

-We reach out to them, and seats on different committees where changes are being made, it’s become more mutual in that way.

-The dean of students office is starting to reach out more for student opinion

-We know it when we see it, but someone who embodies bates but is still new and innovative. Excellent communicator is key.

-A dean of students that takes into account student of color and first generation

-We want a dean of student that will work closely with crystal williams

-Alot of the deans has been here for a long time, but it would be great to find someone that wants to be here and happy to be here, very important for the students!

-Approachable dean, and one that is driven for change and won’t become complacent

-But with the deans that we have now are all very driven, approachable is very important

-makes it easier to relate to them

-New dean to come and introduce themselves to the RA and meet with us once a semester.

-Dean of student reports would be very important

-Keep an eye out for open forums when candidates do come to campus

  1. Ratification of Minutes

-No objections

  1. Public Participation

  2. Officer Reports

    1. Chair (Jacob Barbato ‘15)-

    2. Parliamentarian (Allen Sumrall ‘16)-

      1. Amendments

    3. Secretary (Cameron Russ ‘14)-

  3. President’s Report

  4. Committee Reports

    1. Vice President of Student Clubs (Julian Bardin ‘16)-

      1. 2BEATS

-Two representatives are here from the 2 beats club. Olivie, and marciel, 2 be empowered artist through song, a hip hop dance club. There isn’t any of this at bates. Want to reach out to the lewiston auburn community, want to perform for bates, and get upper level dance club

-No budget requirements and a lot of outreach, there is precedent for another dance group, and they are all first years. Very impressed by how motivated they were.

-All yeses by the ORB



  1. Spanish Club

-Hannah and Audrey wanted to to start the spanish club as fun way to practice their spanish in a casual setting. Started because some students have difficulty talking in class, and want another space to watch movies and get more involved with the spanish culture

-There is precedent for this. Had goals other than just speaking spanish, Young club with a lof different grade levels.

4 approved 1 disapproved

-How will you encourage others to join your club,

gotten interest with people in their class, and will reach out via email for different events, and hold events that aren’t centered around speaking

-Have you talked with professors to make it optional to go to spanish club other than spanish table. Great idea, and all professors were very willing to help out in this way.

-We have had issues for clubs being able to separate from academic departments. Try not to be pressured by the departments.

-Thy will address the student government for advice as to how they should go about these kind of events

-The dean of faculty office will create guidelines for these issues

-International dinner is this saturday are you cooking?

-not yet! lol


  1. Active Minds

-next week

  1. Vice President of Student Committees (Tenzin Namdol ‘15)-

    1. Swing Dean

    2. madam santizo was accepted and will be the best candidate for the job, has had past experiences

  2. Treasurer (John Stansel ‘15)-

    1. Cosponsorships

      1. Photography

      2. J Street

-Lea schultz, a political organization that seeks peaceful solution between palestine and israel, does advocacy and brings speakers to campus. March 13 Mizar karsaf, is an expert on palestinian negotiators. Has been apart of meeting like this. Has collected funds from other organization, and will be a great way to educate the bates community on these long standing issue

-Requesting $700 secured $600

-budgetcommitee voted in favor for $420


  1. BMU

-Ben breger, requesting money to host a concert in common friday march 14th. Will bring bands from other secac schools. They are seeing funds to rent pro audio equipment

-Request $1000

-BC voted for $600, BMU can dip into their own funds for these event.

-Senior gift is helping out for some non-sound related fun. Massive is doing

-cost for renting sound equipment is high.

-what student groups are playing, corpus callosum, and ems band

-have you thought about moving into the silo?

-They have considered the silo, and senior gift is more incline to have it in old commons



  1. Yoga Kula

-Joe legree a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, learning about the chakra system, and learning about alignment and adjustment. We wanted to bring someone else in

-requested $500

-What is the capacity for a workshop

-open to as many people that want to go.

-open to the community


Fill out your budget report

  1. Member Reports

    1. President’s Advisory Committee (Audrey Zafirson ‘16)-

  2. Old Business

  3. New Business

    1. Student Conduct Committee

    2. Newspaper Proposal

  4. Adjournment

Respectfully Submitted,

Jacob A. Barbato ‘15