Minutes 3/10



Dean stiles is here to talk about the changes to student conduct

Oversee the student conduct system and is the sophomore dean

-Going to talk about the proposed changes to student conduct

-Open student meeting on Friday (noon to 1:30 fishbowl commons)

-Come to the meeting if you couldn’t get your comment out there

-Summary of all proposed changes posted on their website

-The students involved (teddy rube, destiny franklin, Simone schriger)

-The entire code of conduct has not been given an overhaul in quite some time

-a lot of the  Title IX  changes added to the student conduct code

-Academic integrity policy, has also been changed

-How do we adjudicate potential violations?

-Deans review process, how most violations are resolved

-Wanted to strengthen those methods of resolution

-Top-level changes

-Current code of conduct has mediation as an option for resolving conducts

-Really not workable in any sense

-Hasn’t been regularly used.

-A push for mediation and restorative justice, facilitated dialogue and contact coaching

-Allows conflicts between students to be resolved outside of the formal conduct system

-This will extend from all levels

-This is trying to create more options for people in difficult situations

-If all the parties don’t want to come together, we have the ability to resolve this

-If this all passes, we want this to be a pilot year for conflict resolution

-Want to train students as to how to resolve conflicts.

-A two-day restorative justice program

-Long term, something akin to the peer-writing system, will start a practitioner course for this.

– Additional training in the local schools or courts

– Trying to work out funding for these positions

-Trying to make this a paid position for student

-Code of conduct lists dorms and house council

-This in the code of conduct is purely student run

-Hoping to bring in a new student run body

-Purpose something done by a lot of colleges

-a student judicial bored.

-Handling things from strikes to dorm damage

-Community based violation

-Make students more accountable for what’s going on in the community

-Still leave suspension and expulsion to the student conduct committee

-Create one condensed pool of student and faculty

-They feel staff has a large role to play

-Instead of having two discreet groups

-Eight students two faculty, and two deans

-Very intimidating, situation around that.

-Also, the students will serve on the judicial bored we don’t want to over burden them.

-If the student is not contesting for what they did, they must go through a full hearing.

-Proposing adding in a new process for those that acknowledge, but don’t agree with the outcome by the dean.

-Proposing a sanctioning conference

-Allows the student to meet with the committee co-chairs and decide on the sanction

-Involving the co-chairs will allow the student to feel as if they were heard.

-Also purpose that students placed on probation

-Probation means that if you do something else there is a predetermine penalty

-Purpose probation is something judicial board and dean board use this option

-Shifts the appeal to the student judicial board.

-Many models have it going through the dean of students.

-Academic integrity will bring in faculty for problems like this.

-will also include students

-Language will be added to the proposal, instead of a faculty staff and student board

-But only a staff board for sexual misconduct bored.

-Having students might act as a barrier for students to tell all details to other students.

-Do a multi-hour training, but a board that deals with only these issues, will create a group of experts.

-Accused student respondent, accused party


-Will be making modifications to these documents, first reading in April.

-If all goes well, will be voted on in May.

-Consult Teddy if you have any concerns


Minutes ratified

-Orb approved two clubs

-Active minds (max silverman)

-is attempting to fill the gap for students with mental illness

-1 in 4 college students do have a mental illness

Active minds is a national organization over 450 in the country

-Bates is the only school that doesn’t have a chapter

-Mental illness is something that is not talked about but is important

-Will get the campus talking


-Very well written constitution

-Dean Tannebaum and states that they can’t approve a club based on its name

-What specific ideas do you have for this club, like what issues?

-Will talk about stigma, we hope to do some analogues to that

-Will hope to bring a short film about this issue that they want to bring to campus.

-Haven’t been approved by the school so they couldn’t meet yet

-How much money do they need?

-Hannah wies is starting a student support network that will train students how to deal with students with mental health issues.



-Bates College Women in Leadership

-A club that would allow women and men to prepare for life in the workforce

-Hope to bring speakers and workshops to promote careers

-Something based off another university but not affiliated

-The ORB really liked the idea

-Felt strong about club leadership

-BCDC wanted to get involved with this club

-Funding very minimal

-How is this difference from WAG?

-Hoping to work closely with the BCDC

-This is more career oriented

-The motivation here is on professional



Seating for the 11 committees

            Will be open on March 12th look for an email




-Dance Club applied for two co-sponsorships

-One has been tabled

-The second one is called the dancing image

-Bringing back a dance alumni and will bring together photo club and dance club together

-Will have dance behind and in front of the campus, and bring alumni back to campus

-Requested $150

-4 in favor 1 against 1 abstain



Photography Club

-Blond Magazine, the annual publication

-Originally a low budget handmade magazine, and each semester it’s improving,

-Got even more submissions this year, and will table in commons to check out this magazine

-Costs is printing and some graphic design

-Making 135 copies of high defition

-$350 (unanimously)

-Allocated money last year, and don’t spend that money ever again

-No one knows why it’s called blonde



Outfront slam poetry and workshop

-This is apart of pride week, bringing kit yen ( transgendered Asian American)

-Specifically out front and bates college has done a poor job addressing transgendered issues

-1.5 reading.

-Will have lunch and dinner


-Asked for $1000, obtained $1000

-Six co-sponsoring groups on this

-Kit costs $4000, and raised ¾ of it already



$24,000 left in the co-sponsorship

-This next co-sponsorship was funded entirely this next one is for $6000

-Proposal by DJ society

-We haven’t had a big concert here in awhile

-Most of their shows cost $20000.

-WRBC is supporting this tonight,

-Nationwide tour right now

-With tiesto

-One day available the first Wednesday of short-term

-Keith said it’s not unreasonable for this

-Space is reserved already

-$9000 total

-1500 from clubs already,

-But can grow

-$6000 would leave a $1,700  gap
-compared to a Macklemore deal

-Voted in favor for funding it, and with ticket sales definitely possible

-Any large co-sponsorship?

-Sponsorship for block part 8-6 thousand dollar

-With charging tickets, we can open up to more people.

Money giving to senior week last year?

-Around $3000,

-Will ask clubs to give money for unspent budgets.

-Pairing with a charity, would allow you to sell more and you give all proceeds once you meet your quote.

-We can do charity with ticket sales

-How do you expect people to pay $5

-There is a festival held in the Netherlands Called Tomorrow land, and will be playing there this summer.

-Even with Macklemore came and dr dog came there is always potential to bring in tht next artist..

-Macklemore didn’t have a hit before coming here

-How many people are staying for short term, and sports teams will be ere as well as a chunk of people

-It’s worrying to sell tickets

-a way to sell tickets is through crowd funding

-People can see who’s all going

-Sell 340 tickets at $7

-Ticket sales isn’t that hard and has been done in the best

-What is your ticket sale schedule?

-When is the money due?

-Don’t need to play them until April 23rd

-We do need to secure the funds

-We could move it to the mays center and save money on sound equipment

-WRBC, has been behind this

-Club volleyball

-This kind of act is on the rise

-and $5 is not hard to get 5 dollars from people




Adjourned (8:03)