RA Meeting Minutes 9/22/14

Bates College Student Government

Representative Assembly


In accordance with the Bates College Student Government Bylaws

(Article I, Section 4)

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 

  1. Introduction by Alyssa, Student Body President
    1. Sundays 4-5:30 RA meetings doodle complete
    2. RA Introduction (Name, Class Year, Position on RA, 2-4 Areas of the Campus You Reach, Why do you want to serve):
      1. Jakee V., outlarge rep, rowing team
      2. Tomas J., Commons
      3. Forest, Wood St. & Physics Majors, You know what is happening on campus
      4. Dana Cohen-Kaplin, Junior, Rep at large, Outing Club
      5. Joseph Marques, off-campus rep, reach the on-campus community, yoga meditation community
      6. Anan?, at large rep, advancement fellow, OIE fellow
      7. Audrey, senior class rep, senior admissions fellow, spanish club, art dept communicator, wants to feel more involved in school
      8. Hannah C., senior rep, club water polo, RA for the third year, stay update on campus life
      9. Kaya Debruen, over flow rep, history dept.
      10. Lisa Choi, EPC, diversity on campus, more involved on campus, and getting unheard voices on campus
      11. Kevin Kahata?, 2017 class rep, Adams and the OIE, Latinos Unidos, to represent the latino committee at Bates
      12. Shayna Lam, OIE and advancement office
      13. Chao Lee?, Clason house, freshman, a nice way to get involved
      14. Maddie Brunam, sailing, EMS, dance department
      15. **Katharina (Kat) Harling, 2016, wants to be secretary, teaching assistant, german club, NOT PART OF RA
      16. Nema, 2016 rep, Debate, entrepreneurial club
      17. Phillip G.
      18. Caran Arora, class rep of 2016, squash team, RC, tourguide, always did student gov
      19. Joseph F?, RA for Rand, Harward Center, Helicase, wants to be an agent of change
      20. Max Alley?, 2015 rep, ManOps
      21. Paul Jordan, 2016, at large rep, Budget and Committee on Committees
      22. Hannah Goldberg, 2016, class rep, sports, frye street, sailing, see money is allocated fairly
      23. Matthew Bardwell, Bates Dem
      24. Brandon Johnson, 2018, at large RA, Smith Middle
      25. Nolan Fergose, Smith Hall Rep, Latinos Unidos, DJ Society
      26. Tayla Duarte, JB, IM sports,
      27. Kayla, 2018, Parker Dorm, Outfront, OIE, chaneg among student body
      28. Allen, Rwanda, Harward Center, 2018
      29. Kirnan Hall?
      30. Analese M., Debate Team, Newspaper, 2018
      31. Emma Russell, class rep for 2018, WRBC
      32. Cole Linbock, 2018 rep, Smith, debate and pgill
      33. Matt Davis, freshman, rep for page, debate, sailing, involved
      34. Nicole Bermudez
      35. Fadia Felfle, 2015 rep, Admissions Fellow, CoC
      36. Sarah Stanley, 2016 rep, Mitchell House and Pierce House, CoC & ORB
  2. Executive Council Introduction
    1. Paul’s introduction of the ORB – explained the way the ORB functions
    2. John’s introduction for Budget Committee – explained the way the Budget Committee works
    3. Allen’s introduction, Junior, Parliamentarian
    4. Alyssa’s introduction, role of Student Body President
    5. Tenzin’s introduction
    6. Jake’s introduction, Head of RA
  3. Check out the website and the constitution
    1. everyone must be familiar with this website
    2. homework for next monday: Bates College Student Government Constitution
    3. Section 3 – mentions the responsibilities as the RA.
  4. Nominations for The Chair, Parliamentarian, and Secretary – possibility to run.
    1. For secretary and parliamentarian must forfeit their RA seat.
    2. Select Chair first: Nominate Nicole, Tomas, Brandon Johnson, Joseph Marques, Dana Cohen-Kaplan,
      1. Dana – been here for over 1 year (0)
      2. Nicole – been here for over 3 years (6) / (6)
      3. Tomas – 2nd year as class rep, missed 1 meeting last year  (20) / (22)
      4. Brandon Johnson – 1st year serving, high school experience in government (1)
      5. Joseph – Freshman, and sophomore year in the RA (0)
      6. NEW Chair of RA: Tomas
    3. Nominations for Parliamentarian
      1. Allen, gave his speech
      2. NEW Parliamentarian: ALLEN
    4. Nominations for Secretary
      1. Kiernan
      2. Hannah
      3. Katharina Harling
      4. Brandon Johnson
      5. NEW Secretary: Katharina Harling
  5. John talks to RA about the budget
    1. Reviewing the process of applying for cosponsorship
    2. Question: How quickly will process take?
      1. Just apply two weeks in advance, will hear Sunday afternoon prior to meeting
  6. Astronomy Club
    1. Goals to attend the Acadia Dark Sky Festival – $614 requested
      1. Funds for overnight stay, transportation, fuel
      2. Budget committee voted unanimously to give $550 for the trip.
    2. Dana explains what club is applying for
      1. Club has been more active recently, working with physics department to make this happen
        1. Full roster, including Outing Club members
        2. Question: Can anyone attend the event?
        3. Email was sent out to Astronomy club and BOC, but the message for the trip did not reach the entire student body.
        4. Question: Is additional cost to bring TA included in the cosponsorship
        5. Yes, and it meets the budget committee guidelines.
    3. Vote: All in favor (34). No one against. No one abstaining. Passes.
  7. Introduction of two new clubs:
    1. Bates College Physics Club
    2. Tried to implement last year. Plan to implement physics interest and knowledge into student body through RC plane model. Would allow college interactment through tournaments. Contacted MIT and Harvard, must be official club to enter the tournaments.
    3. Will work with physics to expand knowledge of physics, as well as work to build and improve the plane model.
    4. Question: Clear up the discrepancy with the elections: at the end of the semester or at the end of the year? Discrepancy cleared.
    5. Vote: 33 in favor. One member abstained. Passes.
  8. Justice in Palestine
    1. Pro Palestine club. Would be counterpart to pro Syrian Club. Students for Peace and Justice are changing their name to this club. Name chance and chance in constitution.
    2. Question: Is there not already a Pro Palestine Club?
    3. Club that supports both sides already exists, as well as a club that is pro Palestine, and they would work together.
    4. Vote: 2 against. 4 against. 28 in favor. Passes.
  9. Adjourned. Assembly members are responsible for reading and becoming familiar with constitution.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katharina Harling ‘17